Ok y'all .. I've now discovered the true meaning of sleep and why we need it! Without sleep I'm pretty much useless. It makes for a better day, it makes our skin glow, it inspires us to look our best, and it's pretty much the core of everything beauty.


Being sleep deprived is a depressing look. Not cute at all. You can't hide it. Eye bags cannot be missed. But how do full time working moms do it and still look fab?! Is there a secret potion to all this? My secret...20 minute naps here and there. Sleep when baby sleeps. It really works.


I refuse to let my beauty regime go. It's not me. I love to wake up refreshed get ready and head out to my day. Being comfortable and feeling "you" makes a world of a difference. Nothing should stand in the way of that.


Though, there are many people I know who never sleep and look fab. Or is that a big fat lie?! staying young the only way to look fresh 24-7?! I look at Cindy Crawford and just wonder. That woman is drop dead gorgeous. Someone please tell me how super models always look perfect! To end on a good note get sleep people - that's my trick!