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Multistyler Tutorial - 4 Styles 1 Tool

by Hayley Segar November 11, 2013


Hey everyone! Recently I was given the opportunity to play around with the new Remington Multistyler...a tool that allows you to create 4+ looks! I am going to be showing you how I created a smooth and sleek style, a loose curl style, some beachy waves, and tight curls.


The Remington Multistyler is a MUST for girls on the go...most of these styles took me under 15 minutes to complete, not to mention you could throw this single product in your travel need for a curling wand, flat iron, and a deep waver! The versatility of this product is showcased in my videos. Hope you enjoy!











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Update Your Look for Back to School

by Hayley Segar August 20, 2012


It's that time of the year again when everyone goes back to school and is left with that lingering question…how do I get ready to make an impression on the first day? Hopefully my video will give you some tips on a few simple updates that can change your look just in time for back to school.



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Blonde Ambition

by Hayley Segar April 9, 2012


To me, being blonde is more than just a hair color that invites a bevy of unflattering is an identifier, a statement, and above all, a way of life! Being blonde makes me feel happy, fresh, and youthful. Now granted I am sixteen, but I didn’t feel the same way about my natural hair color, which is a dull brunette shade. Since getting my hair to my current shade of blonde, there is not a thing I would change. As a child I had always felt my mousy brown mane wasn’t meant for me; I was destined for a lighter, brighter hue! So after years of convincing, my mother finally let me take the first step towards attaining my ideal hair color in the eighth grade.




I will never forget the moment when, after much consideration, my mom said yes to a certain rite of passage for me; letting me get highlights! We were driving, and she turned into a Target parking lot, handed me a ten dollar bill, and told me to pick out a highlighting kit; but nothing too crazy, of course. I came back with a box of Revlon Frost and Glow...the anticipation was driving me nuts...I just wanted to go home and go blonde! But I didn’t know what I was in for. Turns out the Revlon Frost and Glow entailed using a cap that you put on your head, and pulled strands of your hair out of the holes in the cap, to ensure perfectly spaced highlights. Let’s just say the application process didn’t necessarily go as planned, and while in the shower when the excess dye was going down the drain, so were chunks of my hair. It was a process that left me with tears from the pain but a smile from the outcome...I had little strands of blonde! What more could I ask for?


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