Every year about this time, salons heat up with clients searching for the latest, cutest, quickest and easiest hairstyles they can manage. It's a balancing act to find a hairstyle that will hold up to both a busy summer social calendar and summer's heat and humidity. But who wants to spend the time straightening, smoothing or curling only for it to fall out the minute you step out the door? This year's hottest summer hair trends reflect the laid-back look that defines summer. Summer is not the time for showy, gaudy or glitzy looking hairstyles. Soft braids, loose buns, ponytails of all shapes and sizes, pixie cuts, crop cuts  . . . these are the hair trends this summer and they all work great with busy schedules.   



Braids have been stirring up a whirlwind for a while now and are the IT hairdo for summer. And, what's perfect is we have about a gazillion different ways to wear them. Braids are only as limited as the imagination of the braider. Quick, easy and fun, casual, sophisticated or zany. . . learn how-to do a braid or two, and eliminate blow-drying, curling irons and straightening irons . . . ughhh . . . give it a rest! Side braids are so easy and look great everywhere; at the beach, pool party or any dressy summer event. The key to these looks are their textured, casual, beachy flair.  Nothing is structured here.


If you need to use a dryer, just rough dry it, with fingers, fluffing it upside down. Brush to the side and braid loosely with even tension and secure with a clear elastic. Try a messy boho hairstyle, brushed to the side and pinned up with three random strands of fishtail braids. Let some strands hang out around your face for a relaxed, carefree, spur-of the-moment style. Are you all left thumbs when it comes to braiding? No worries, there should be a variety of salons now in your area who can do some creative braiding for you. Bring in pictures or let them have at it  . . . either way . . . your braid will be a new look that will last for days!   





Short Bobs, Pixies and Crop Cuts
The classic short bob is a quick wash-n-wear style for ladies with straight hair (just add pink or blue and you've got a Katy Perry do) For lift on top, brush it in the opposite direction while drying. Create a deep side part and tuck behind your ear. Shifting your part to the opposite side occasionally will also create natural lift on top. A short crop pixie cut is adorable . . . and it doesn't get any easier than this. Consider going platinum if you like to jump on the color trend bandwagon, but take note that it requires monthly or bi-monthly upkeep for most.





Ponytails are fun all year round, but summertime gives you even more reasons to wear one when temps get hot and muggy. Ponytail varieties are endless; smooth, curly, braided, high, low or to the side and in this summer, the messier the better. You can wear a ponytail even if you don't have long hair. The faux-ponytail can be clipped into short and medium length hair. Look for these faux-ponytails at kiosks in shopping malls where the sales ladies will show you how to work with them, or you can find them at beauty supply stores.





The messy bun is another style to wear for any summer occasion. The low messy bun worn slightly off to the side has been a top hairstyle trend on red carpets this year and it's a simple style to recreate. There's no wrong way to wear a bun, so experiment and see what suits you.


Add some bling with a sparkly pin. Brush hair back into a low ponytail and secure with an elastic. Separate into two strands and wind around the base securing with pins. For a secure hold, pin into the base of the ponytail and let some pieces fall out for a messy look. Finish bangs or soft wispy curls to frame your face.



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