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How to Get the Best Shave with Hyper Series Rotary Shavers

by RemReadyMan November 20, 2013

Remington is committed not only to providing you with the superior product, but also the superior techniques to employ when using them.



Check out Remington’s newest shaving guide for the our premium XR HyperSeries:  



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MANstyle Review: WetTech

by RemReadyMan April 8, 2013




Hey guys and gals-


Jr. here, Men’s Style and Grooming Expert, to talk about the NEW Remington WetTech Rotary Shaver and Sensitive Shave Gel. The great part about this shaver is it can be used in or out of the shower, versatility at its best. The electric blue shaver is very light and the soft grip casing makes it easier to handle when it’s wet. The best thing about shaving in the in shower is, I dunno… everything? It doesn’t eat into your morning routine, the mirror makes it 10x easier to get a close, even shave, and lastly, combining it with the shave gel makes your skin incredibly smooth. Not to mention not having to worry about the mess, always looks like my sink grew a beard of it’s own when I’m done. I don’t think I’ll ever shave again without the Sensitive Shave Gel. My skin is always so smooth after using it, and… it doesn’t stink. Well, it does have a scent, but it’s very light and fresh. I spend way too much money on cologne to smell like I just walked out of an axe commercial. The shaver comes with a charging stand, so when all said and done, just drop it in the stand so you’re all set for the next shave. If you (or your man) prefers a close, smooth shave… I highly recommend picking up this shaver and shave gel combo.




Jr. of RemReadyMan





MANstyle Look for Less

by RemReadyMan March 4, 2013

Hello lads-


Let’s face it; money is tight these days. Majority of Americans don’t have a lot of extra spending cash now, but Remington® seriously offers exceptional products at competitive prices… I actually think our prices are pretty amazing.


You have the tools to clean up nicely, now let MANstyle help you find your looks for less. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to realize that spending 300 bucks on a sweater when you can essentially get the same thing for $30, is moronic. I mean, come on… guys don’t even take the best care of their clothes… at least I don’t and I love clothes.  Why spend that much when it’s just going to get trashed? Save yourself a couple bennys, and indulge elsewhere, life is too short to be spending it on materialistic things.


And ladies... Keep this in mind for great gift ideas!


- Jr. of RemReadyMan

Calling All Gents!

by RemReadyMan February 25, 2013


Remington is excited to announce MANstyle. Run by men, for men, we’re here for your grooming, styling, and fashion fix. Trends come and go (remember frosted tips?...) so let us keep you up to date on what’s hot, and what’s definitely not. Whether you’ve never picked up a bottle of aftershave in your life (and you should... see tip 101) or you already fancy yourself a seasoned style vet, MANstyle is here to keep you looking and feeling great!


Ladies, we didn’t forget about you. Tune in for simple tips and tricks to help your man look his best and great gift ideas for any occasion!


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-Jr. of RemReadyMan