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Healthy, Shiny Hair Care Routine

by Amanda Lee October 23, 2015


Who doesn't want shiny and healthy hair? Here's what I do to make sure my hair is on point everyday.  In this video, I show you my showering tricks and conditioning tips, so be sure to check it out!   If you want to see more fashion and beauty videos from me, I can be found on my Youtube channel, amandarachlee.



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The NEW Remington "S" Razor Review

by Melissa Angert May 14, 2012


As founder and editor of All Things Chic, I have a lot of beauty products arriving on my doorstep. I've tested it all. Sometimes its great - sometimes I discover what not to use. So I was totally game to try out the Remington Women's S™ Razor and Shaving Gels.


They looked great - the Shaving Gels smelled fabulous and the "S" Razor had a cool ergonomic shaping. But as soon as I opened the package, I knew this was something new and different.  The "S" Razor handle brew me away. The soft-flex hinge and soft-grip handle was like nothing I've seen. I gave it a try and instantly loved it. This is my new razor - I threw out my old razor that very day and you will find the Remington "S" Razor in my shower from now on!!





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