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How to: Remington Silk Ceramic Heated Clip Setter

by Katie Manwaring May 20, 2013

Hey all! Katie from Katie's Bliss here to show you how I use the Remington Silk Ceramic Heated Clip Setter before getting ready to head out for my day. Prior to doing my makeup or getting dressed, I set the curlers in my hair and then leave them in while I continue my morning routine. When they've completely cooled I pull them out, style my hair with my fingers and add in a little hairspray. To see just how I use these hot rollers check out my tutorial!





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The Topknot

by Keltie Colleen April 23, 2012


Some people would say that the topknot is my "signature" hair style. I promise you it is not because I am trying to be fashion forward or chic (although topknots ARE both!) I wear topknots because I look better with my hair up, and I hate washing my hair.


Topknots are wonderful for a variety of reasons: they make you look taller, they make your cheekbones stand out, they make you look effortless, they make you look trendy, they take 5 minutes to do, even if you suck at doing hair you can make a topknot, you never have to wash your hair, they stay nice in the rain and snow, did I mention wearing your hair up makes you look taller and thinner!


I wanted to share with you how I made my perfect topknots, and all the fun accessories that you can play around with to make your knot unique!


Happy Knotting!



Keltie Colleen is a blogger/author. You can check out her blog on Buzznet and you can "Like" her Facebook page for a free chapter of her book Rockettes, Rockstars and Rockbottom

The Easter Bun

by Remington Ready April 2, 2012

On a holiday where there are eggs to find and chocolate bunnies to eat, you most likely want to quick and easy hair style while still looking festive. The Easter bun, also known as the braided bun, has been seen on countless celebrities like Heidi Klum, Lauren Conrad, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kristen Bell. Luckily for those of us who don’t have a team of hair stylists, this high fashion look only takes minutes to create. 

Step 1: Comb out your hair using a flat brush to remove any tangles.


Step 2: Use an elastic hair tie to pull your hair into a low pony tail. Separate the pony tail into three pieces and braid it until you’ve reached the end of your hair. Secure the end with your second elastic hair tie.

 *Tip: A good way to measure where your bun should be located is by line up your pony tail with the top of your ears.


Step 3: Wrap your braided hair around the base of your pony tail to create the bun and make sure the end of your braid is tucked under the bun. Bobby pin the outside of your bun to your head.  


Step 4: Spray with hairspray to secure your bun.


Step 5: Easter is colorful holiday, so don’t be afraid to add an accessory to brighten up your bun like this Turquoise flower clip.


Voilà, you have a beautiful Easter bun in minutes!


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