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6 Tricks To Having Beautiful Hair

by Marta Tryshak January 14, 2013


Hair is typically one of the most remarkable features of any beautiful woman. And while it’s easy to believe models “are just born that way”, the reality is having beautiful hair is more science than art. There are many tricks every woman can use to have beautiful hair of her own, and to receive insights from a top professional I asked Master Colorist Rob Pizzuti for some of his “tricks to having beautiful hair”:


Trick #1 - WASH YOUR HAIR LESS. The best plan is to wash your hair only every 3rd day. The day after washing, just brush smooth and only blow dry what you must. And on the 2nd day brush thoroughly, and create a low ponytail or bun with your natural oils.


Trick #2 - If your hair is dirty, and you have a last minute party invitation or hot date – think braids! Braids look neater and more defined when your hair is a bit dirty (or if you use lots of product). And if you read fashion mags, braids are very stylish… and this is a great reason to save your hair from washing again and stripping it’s moisture. For a few braid style ideas, check out a video I recently collaborated with Dove Hair Care on “How to Tie a Boho-Braid”.  


Trick #3 – With dry winter weather outside, and the heat turned up inside… deep moisturizing weekly treatments can be used EVERY time you wash. Start at the ends and stop at your eyebrow level so you still have volume.


Trick #4 - There are LOTS of “oils” on the market. Forget about the directions and think about this – oil and water do not mix. So, always apply a small amount of oil to your damp hair, not dry hair. This will lock in the water inside your hair and protect it better. Also, remember that oil will burn if it gets too hot, so turn down your hot tools!


Trick #5 - When you get your hair coloured ask about sealers, glosses or clear treatments. Usually 10-20 min and costing $20-$45, these treatments lock in your colour, moisture and seal all the tiny cracks on the outside layer of your hair. When done by a professional, the difference in hair quality and shine can be remarkable.


Trick #6 - Put a intensive mask in your hair before you do hot yoga or have a sauna at the gym after you work out. The heat will push the conditioner deeper into your hair for extreme results.



Thanks for the terrific advice Rob Pizzuti. Curious to hear from everyone, what are some of your favorite tricks for having beautiful hair?



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Fall 2012 Trends that Withstand the Test of Time

by Marta Tryshak September 17, 2012

With New York Fashion Week behind us, the fashion industry has already introduced what they have planned for Spring/Summer 2013. Meanwhile, the rest of us are just beginning our quest to plan and shop for our fall wardrobe. With the fashion cycle always three seasons ahead, it is no wonder trends come and go in a blink of an eye.

No worries though, since with a little research of runway shows from Fall/Spring 2013 and a few glossy magazines, a girl can not only create her perfect fall shopping list but also ensure that it will withstand the test of time. In fashion terms these days, standing the “test of time” may even simply means that you will be able to stay on trend for a full season!

After much consideration, here’s my top 5 list of Fall 2012 must-have pieces. They are not only on trend now, but should surely withstand the test of time. Such as this season’s brooch trend might be sizzling for fall’13, but it will surely make a big comeback in future years.

1. Classic Lady-Like Purse
The hobo purse may be comfortable, but a classic purse with a box shape will never go out of style.

2. Brooch
Yet another classic that made a strong comeback this season. With a retro look, a brooch is the prettiest finishing touch for any occasion.  Why not substitute that cocktail ring for a statement brooch?

3. Pointy-Toe Heels
Seen on the fall runways of Stella McCartney and Jil Sander, this office staple is back in business.


4. Over the Knee Boots
Seen at Givenchy and Calvin Klein, this risqué over the knee look is back!

5. Pant-Suit
The biggest trend for fall, the pant suit is a must. Wear it with a simple blouse or as separates, this look is here to stay.



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