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The Easter Bun

by Remington Ready April 2, 2012

On a holiday where there are eggs to find and chocolate bunnies to eat, you most likely want to quick and easy hair style while still looking festive. The Easter bun, also known as the braided bun, has been seen on countless celebrities like Heidi Klum, Lauren Conrad, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kristen Bell. Luckily for those of us who don’t have a team of hair stylists, this high fashion look only takes minutes to create. 

Step 1: Comb out your hair using a flat brush to remove any tangles.


Step 2: Use an elastic hair tie to pull your hair into a low pony tail. Separate the pony tail into three pieces and braid it until you’ve reached the end of your hair. Secure the end with your second elastic hair tie.

 *Tip: A good way to measure where your bun should be located is by line up your pony tail with the top of your ears.


Step 3: Wrap your braided hair around the base of your pony tail to create the bun and make sure the end of your braid is tucked under the bun. Bobby pin the outside of your bun to your head.  


Step 4: Spray with hairspray to secure your bun.


Step 5: Easter is colorful holiday, so don’t be afraid to add an accessory to brighten up your bun like this Turquoise flower clip.


Voilà, you have a beautiful Easter bun in minutes!


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Back to Basics: Brushes

by Remington Ready March 5, 2012

Back to Basics

Sometimes everyone needs a 101 course on beauty basics, because let’s face it, bits of information slip through the cracks. So the main lesson today will be that, like makeup brushes, not all hair brushes are created equal.


1. Cushion Brush: Create smooth touchable hair or use with your blow dryer for a punch of volume. These brushes are best for detangling dry hair (remember – it is always best if wet hair is detangled with a wide toothed comb!)as it conforms to the shape of the scalp and its cushion helps absorb some of the shock that can damage delicate hair.


2. Paddle Brush: Similar to the cushion brush, this fella is a great detangler, especially for long hair. Because the brush head is so wide, it can penetrate thick hair and its bristles provide a gentle massage and spreads hair’s natural oils, leaving you with a smooth and shiny finish.


3. Vent Brush: This brush is a beginner’s bff. It’s basic and can help you dry your hair quickly if used with a blow dryer. The large holes, or vents, running through its back help hair circulate when blow drying.


4. Round Brush: Perfect for adding va-va-volume or for a DIY blow-out. The barrel is specially designed to allow air to pass through helping to accelerate your drying time, while its large size allows you to lift the roots, giving hair more body.


5. Grooming Brush: Last minute touch-ups are dominated by this little gem! The grooming brush is designed to add a shiny smooth finish to hair and rejuvenate any hairstyle throughout the day.


What brush do you use every day?


♥ Remington Ready

i-LIGHT Pro Spring Break Contest

by Remington Ready March 1, 2012

i-LIGHT Pro Spring Break Contest



Congratulations to the winners:

1st place: Sara Snyder

2nd place: Julie Lawrence

3rd place: Lisa Grassetti


We are so excited for Spring Break that we are starting the celebration early by giving away some pretty amazing loot to help you get ready! But first…we want to hear what you’re dream spring break vacation is!


To enter…

1. Create a board on Pinterest called “i-LIGHT Pro Spring Break Contest”

2. Pin the above image to your board.

3. Pin your dream Spring Break vacation! It can be anything from clothing ideas and hair styles to your dream destination and fun activities.

4. Email your board’s link to

*1 board per person. Limit each board to 25 pins.



Top three boards with the largest combined total of repins and likes wins…

1st place: i-LIGHT Pro Intense Pulsed Light Hair Removal System


2nd place: Keratin Therapy Gift Set including a Keratin Therapy Hair Dryer, Flat Iron, and Cushion Brush


3rd place: TStudio Pearl Gift Set including a TStudio Pearl Hair Dryer, Curling Wand, and Cushion Brush


The contest ends March 7th, so check out the Official Rules here* and start pinning!

*By pinning and/or repinning this image as well as entering the contest via the stipulations above, you are agreeing with the terms and conditions of the contest.


For the latest in hair-spiration and style ideas follow Remington Ready's Pinterest page!


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Our Curl Crush

by Remington Ready February 20, 2012

Curl Crush


Who isn't after those luscious curls seen on stars and in magazines all the time? While practice makes perfect with killer curls, one thing that helps is a curling wand! For those of you that aren't familiar with the tool, a curling wand is a clipless curling iron. One of the favorites among the Remington Team and our fans is the TStudio Pearl Ceramic Styling Wand. The beauty of this tool is that its cone design can create a variety of curls without the annoying clap mark that some curling irons leave, giving you with a more natural look. It also has crushed pearl infused barrel, leaving hair shinier and smoother. Trends and styles come and go, but smooth and silky hair is always in style!


Here's our secret to creating crush worthy beachy curls with the Pearl Styling Wand:


What you will need: protective spray/argan oil, duckbill clip, Remington TStudio Pearl Ceramic Styling Wand, light holding hairspray.


1. Apply protective spray or argan oil to the ends of your hair.


2. Part your hair from ear to ear and pin up the top portion of your hair with a duckbill clip. You will start curling at the bottom and work your way up. If you have very thick hair, you may want to portion off smaller sections.


3. Put the included heat protective glove on your free hand.


4. Point the tip of the wand towards the ground. Starting at the barrel's base and working towards the tip, wrap sections of hair away from your face. Tight curls = thinner sections, loose curls = thicker sections.


5. Once the bottom portion is done, make another part through hair from upper temple to upper temple, pin up the top portion with the duckbill clip and curl. Once the middle section is curled, unpin the top section of hair and curl*.


6. Once your hair has cooled, soften the curls by gently breaking them apart with your fingers. To finish - add hairspray!



*Insider tip: for va-va-volume, back comb the last section of your hair before curling it.


Image Source: Steve Granitz/Wire Image - InStyle

Richard Marin’s 2012 Golden Globe Red Carpet Predictions

by Remington Ready January 12, 2012

Tina Fey - Award Worthy


Sunday marks the official start to award season with the Golden Globes and we couldn't be more excited! The stars, the fashion, the hair - what's not to love? Celebrity stylist, Richard Marin, is making his predictions for the upcoming red carpet - check it out:



We can't wait to what Richard does on Sunday! To create your own award-worthy hair, take a look at this tutorial for Richard's sleek chignon bun worn by our favorite funny gal, Tina Fey, at last year's SAG Awards.


1. Apply a straightening balm to damp hair and blow dry with the Remington T|Studio Pearl Ceramic Professional AC Hair Dryer. Be sure to blow dry bangs at an angle to achieve the swooping effect!


2. Sprits a heat protective spray throughout your hair and curl ends with the Remington T|Studio Pearl Styling Wand, for movement and texture.


3. Backcomb the crown of your head and slowly pull hair back to a low side ponytail.


4. Twist hair around the ponytail base into a bun and place bobby pins. Don't forget the hairspray!


Chic, sleek, and simple! Remember to catch Monday's post for a breakdown of the red carpet looks Richard creates for Tina Fey and Michelle Pfieffer at Sunday's Golden Globes.


What are some of your favorite Golden Globe looks? Follow Remington Ready on Pinterest to see our latest gallery of our top Golden Globe styles.

INTRODUCING Win It Wednesdays!

by Remington Ready December 30, 2011

Win it Wednesdays

There's nothing like a give away to get you through the week, so Remington Ready is starting off the New Year by saying THANK YOU to all of its amazing fans by offering you chance to WIN. Every Wednesday, Remington Ready is giving its Facebook fans a chance to win some awesome prizes. The first drawing is Wednesday, January 4, so check out the Official Rules and a click HERE to enter NOW!

12 Days of Style Winners

by Remington Ready December 25, 2011

Congratulations to the 12 Days of Style Winners

Earlier this month we announced our 12 Days of Style Giveaway and have been thanking our Remington Ready Facebook fans by setting them up with a pretty amazing loot. Thank you to everyone for participating and a big congratulations to the winners below:


Dec 14: 12 Remington King of Shaves Azor 5 Razors

Priscilla Davis, Janice Stoner, Linda Kyriazi, Glenn Lowry, Stephanie Jones, Joann Thiessen, Michelle Galloway, Nina Sims, Jaydee Dusenberry, Hetal Gandhi, Katherine Kennerly, Kandance Palmer


Dec 15:  11 Grape Ash Brush Sets

Il Cange, Robbe Garsa, Stacie Gregg, Steve Risberg, Shauron Wyatt, Martia Keating, Lisa Bowen, Linda Herrin, Mia Everette, Earl Bolson, Mark Healey


Dec 16: 10 NE3150 Nose, Ear, & Brow Trimmers

David Heath, Debra Hanna, Beverly Mcintyre, Paula Pawlak, Shelia Korman, Sina Faust, Nikhil Pai, Kim Keithline, Stephanie Marios, Amy Shulkusky


Dec 17: 9 Style Ceramic Compact Hair Setters

Denise Dillon, Sandra Rose, Victoria Barton, Audrey Insco, Christine Barta, Stephanie Kako, Michael Fellows, Laura Moneo, Angela Vike


Dec 18: 8 PG165 Precision Grooming Systems

Elizabeth Nolte, Shay Burris, Kyle Dupree, Noelle Franklin, Lynne Fernandez, Pam Hansen, Lisa Gusmano, Linda Gilbert


Dec 19: 7 Textured Tools Red Flat Irons

Curtis Hodges, Melinda Toungette, Kim Shoemaker, Stephanie MacDonald, Ashley Dougherty, Yvette Cason, Rose Stonewall


Dec 20: 6 $10 Target Gift Cards

Teresa Nelson, Kay Zarrugh, Demetria Payton, Jerrilynn Atherton, Leanne Dupont, Jessica Rippee


Dec 21: 5 Fast Finish Hair Dryers

Robert Jackson, Lori Wilkinson, Samantha Piper, Doug Rennick, Sally Nichols


Dec 22: 4 F5790 Pivot & Flex Triple Foil Razors

Kristi Bernard, Martha Blanco, Chris Walker, Kimberly Mazzullo


Dec 23: 3 Pearl Large Styling Wands

Pam Kolnekker, Shannon Zuklich, Pamela Duke


Dec 24: 2 R8150 Rotary Shavers featuring Pivot & Flex Technology

Kelly Nicholson, Joe Hearn


Dec 25: 1 i-LIGHT Pro Intense Pulsed Light Hair Removal System

Rochelle Shawver



If you didn’t get your shot at the prizes this time, stay tuned. Remington Ready has an announcement on January 2nd that might be up your alley!

12 Days of Style!

by Remington Ready December 12, 2011

12 Days of Style Giveaway



Listen up all! Remington Ready is getting into the holiday spirit by giving away some amazing loot over the next 12 days. Drawing starts December 14th so enter TODAY for your chance to be one of to 78 lucky winners! 


Collage of Prizes


Prizes are:

Dec 14: 12 Remington King of Shaves Azor 5 Razors
Dec 15: 11 Grape Ash Brush Sets
Dec 16: 10 NE3150 Nose, Ear, & Brow Trimmers
Dec 17: 9 Style Ceramic Compact Hair Setters
Dec 18: 8 PG165 Precision Grooming Systems
Dec 19: 7 Textured Tools Red Flat Irons
Dec 20: 6 $10 Target Gift Cards
Dec 21: 5 Fast Finish Hair Dryers
Dec 22: 4 F5790 Pivot & Flex Triple Foil Razors
Dec 23: 3 Pearl Large Styling Wands
Dec 24: 2 R8150 Rotary Shavers featuring Pivot & Flex Technology
Dec 25: 1 i-LIGHT Pro Intense Pulsed Light Hair Removal System

Check out the Official Rules and click here to enter! Good luck :)

Welcome to Remington Ready!

by Remington Ready May 15, 2011

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