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Turn Your Workday Look Into Your Nightlife Look In Two Steps (Three If You Let Your Hair Down)

by Remington Ready October 28, 2013

We’ve been in this situation far too often: your work life and your social life are making time tight. You’re meeting people after work for dinner; you’re going on a date; you’re heading to a 5:30pm showing of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Cats. You don’t have time to go home, your office doesn’t have a full-blown ladies’ locker room, and changing outfits in a car or in a public bathroom is just…not good.


What to do? Trick yourself into thinking you have changed!




1. Wear a hot top that you love, but wear it with a sweater or a cardigan. No one judges people in cardigans. It just is not done. (Then ditch it for the evening.)


2. Bring a second pair of shoes. New shoes equal new outfit.


3. Tie your hair up tight for the workday, then let it all come soaring out in a scene of glory. Imagine Rita Hayworth while you do this.


These three quick steps that allow you to feel like you’ve changed will make you intrinsically feel like you have changed, because you have actually changed! (Albeit slightly.) That’s the whole point: sweater gone – hot top on; galoshes gone – pink stilettos on; and, the coup de grace, “Gilda, are you decent?” It’s totally worth pulling that last move in front of anyone, FYI. It’s all so unbelievably easy, you’ll ask, “why didn’t I just think of that myself instead of being in such a touch-and-go mood all day because I tried to ride the fine line between looking professional and looking beautiful and, in doing so, I inadvertently got on Carol’s case about something insignificant that isn’t due until February?”


Don’t take it out on Carol. In fact, share these tips with Carol and then everyone can stop taking it out on everyone else. Except Tim, because that guy really needs to start carrying his weight.

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Tucking In Your Shirt: A Simple Guide

by Remington Ready October 14, 2013


Your shirt: should it be inside or outside of your pants? A vexing question indeed. The choice itself often has to do with the image you want to project. It should be self-evident that tucking your shirt in often gives off a cleaner, more professional look, while leaving it untucked projects a more carefree, laissez-faire attitude. There are however a few guidelines that, in most circumstances, should be followed.


If you’re wearing a tie, tuck your shirt in.

This is fairly obvious, yet some people feel that the “business in front, party below the waist” look can work. These people are wrong. Wearing a tie with an untucked shirt looks unusual at best, as the tie is supposed to drop right to your waistline. An untucked shirt obscures your waistline and inevitably makes your tie look too short. If you must untuck your shirt in a tie-wearing situation, say at a wedding where you are dancing up a sweat, then take off the tie. There is no reason to leave it on at this point.


If you’re wearing dress slacks, tuck in your shirt.

Similar to the tie, dress pants kind of necessitate that you tuck in your shirt. Dress pants look unusual with an untucked, button-down shirt. Those viewing your sartorial choice might ask, “why did he even bother wearing those nice pants if he won’t bother to tuck in his shirt?” An exception in this case can be made for a polo shirt, though it needs to be the perfect size to keep it from looking off while untucked.


If you’re wearing jeans, use sound judgment.

Jeans imply a casual nature, even designer jeans to a degree. Thus, you ought to do what looks best. This requires a mirror and a sound opinion (yours or otherwise). Tucking your shirt in with jeans can make you look sleek or make you look like you’re headed to a rodeo, so choose wisely.



If you’ve forgotten your belt, don’t tuck in your shirt.

This seems silly, but putting your beltless midsection on display will not go unnoticed. Open, naked belt loops just draw the eye. Older men in particular, for reasons unknown, will not hesitate to walk up to a complete stranger and ask them where their belt is. If you’re wearing a tie and have forgotten your belt, you’re in quite the pickle. We recommend losing the tie, and untucking your shirt, or keeping your jacket buttoned at all times to obscure the shameful fact that you forgot your belt.


If you’re wearing a sports jersey, don’t tuck it in.

Just don’t do it. It looks ridiculous. (Unless you’re actually playing an organized sport that requires it and the jersey is yours, not Bo Jackson’s.)


There you go. The glaringly obvious have been left off this brief guide as to avoid insulting your intelligence – things like don’t tuck in your sweater, don’t tuck things into your elastic waistband, etc. Of course, any rule can be broken. If they couldn’t, we’d likely be walking around with muttonchops, puffy blouses, and large buckles on our shoes to this day. Just be sure to look at yourself and ask, “am I really pulling this off? Really?” Never lie to yourself.

Be Fierce; Win $250

by Remington Ready October 1, 2013

Fierceness is an intangible quality, but you know it when you see it. Whether in the cut or in your face, fierce is always recognizable. Always fierce.


Starting October 1, Remington Ready wants you to win big by being fierce. Just send us a photo of your fierce style, your fierce beauty, or your fierce inspiration, and you’ll be eligible to win a $250 Walmart shopping spree, where you’ll find Remington’s hot, new Pretty Fierce Styling Tools. The fiercest photo at the end of each season wins and will be published on our Remington Ready Facebook page.  Enter Now!


How to Wear White Jeans

by Remington Ready June 10, 2013

White jeans are a summer staple. They are a versatile item that every girl needs in her closet. White jeans can be easily dressed up for a night out, dressed down for days out in the sun, or used to put together a classy outfit for work. As we make our way into June, it is the perfect time to invest in a pair, or try to incorporate them into more outfits for these summer months!




Look 1 - Dressed up white jeans for a night out: Because of their simplicity, white jeans can become edgy enough for a night out easily. With the simple addition of a leather jacket, a pop of color, and heeled boots, they are instantly taken from a daytime item, to nighttime. If you like more of a preppy look, white jeans can be accessorized with pumps or open-toed heeled sandals for a night out.


Look 2 – Dressed up white jeans for the office: With a flared style, white jeans are perfect for a more casual summer day at the office. Paired with a bright blazer and pumps, this look is sophisticated and work appropriate, while still letting your personal style shine through. These flared pants could also be styled with a striped button up shirt for a more tailored look.



Look 3 – Dressed down white jeans for a summer day: When paired with a graphic tank top and flat sandals, white jeans are easily transitioned for a summer day. This outfit could be worn with ballet flats and a loose sweater for cooler summer days, too!


As you can see, white jeans can be worn in so many different ways this summer. Find a pair that flatters your body and challenge yourself to wear them in all kinds of ways!


Creating a Wearable Orange Eye

by Remington Ready May 13, 2013


If you follow makeup trends you’ve probably noticed that orange is one of the hottest cosmetic colors this spring/summer season. While many color-enthusiasts love working with this fun, eye-catching shade, there are also many out there wondering—is it wearable for me? Personally, I think it is! Whether you’re a little color-shy or simply concerned it won’t work well on your skin tone, I think almost any color can be made wearable through proper application and the right complementary products and colors. I’ve created this “wearable” orange eye look to help anyone that wants to get their feet wet so to speak when it comes to wearing orange on their eyes. In my opinion, if you couple a seemingly “un-wearable” color with neutral, complementary shades you can often make almost any color work for you!


What you’ll need (I’ve included what I used in parentheses): Orange eyeshadow (mixed MAC Pink Opal with Fyrinnae Electro-Koi Medium Chocolate Brown matte eyeshadow (MAC Texture) Dark Brown matte eyeshadow (Make Up For Ever #17) Light Taupe matte eyeshadow (Inglot #358) Ivory eyeshadow (Inglot #395) Black eyeliner (Mirenesse Inside Out 27HR Kohl in Osiris) False lashes and/or Mascara (Faux lashes in Colette and Revlon Grow Luscious mascara in Blackest Black).




I always recommend starting out with a clean, moisturized, and primed eye. I personally like Benefit Stay Don’t Stray for many of the daily eye looks I create unless I’m working with loose pigments, but use whatever works best for you.


Step 1: Pat orange shadow on 2/3 of your upper lid working from the inner corner out. Sweep a little under the inner lower corner as well.


Step 2: Create a “C” shape with a medium chocolate brown shadow that frames the orange shadow by starting at the outer corner of your upper lid with a sweeping motion up and around the crease towards the inner corner.


Step 3: Use a dark brown shadow to darken the outer “V” of your upper lid and create more depth. With a light hand, sweep this shade under your lower lashline as well.


Step 4: Using a super light brown or light taupe, blend out the edges of the crease color up towards your orbital bone. Sheer it out as you blend upwards towards your brow.


Step 5: Using a cream or ivory colored eyeshadow, highlight right below your brow and the inner corner of your eye with a light hand.


Step 6: Make sure you blend in the ivory eyeshadow so it catches the light, but doesn’t create a stark contrast.


Step 7: Tight-line or line your upper lashline in a manner that best defines your eye and line your lower lashline.


Step 8: Curl your upper lashes and apply mascara and/or falsies. Remember to apply mascara to your lower lashes as well.


Voila! A wearable orange eye look! If this is your first time working with orange eyeshadow don’t worry if you’re not completely thrilled with your first attempt! Practice makes perfect and half of perfecting how to apply shadow in general to your eye is simply doing it over and over. Good luck!





By Doria Murphy Freelance Makeup Artist and Beauty Blogger at Beauty Blog



Mother’s Day Gift Guide

by Remington Ready April 29, 2013

Hopefully you know by now that Mother’s Day is just around the corner. The special woman or women in your life deserve something special, and sometimes finding the perfect gift isn’t the easiest. Here is Remington’s Mother’s Day gift guide to give you some inspiration!



For the Health Nut: Have you ever heard of Nature Box? It’s a monthly subscription box that sends you 5 large samples of different healthy snacks each month in the mail. The samples are pretty big, and it allows you to order more of the snacks if you love them! 


For the Beauty Queen: Why not pick her up Remington’s new T|Studio Silk line? The Silk Curling Gift set comes equipped with a hair dryer, curling rod, and round brush so she can achieve a beautiful blow out right at home. Buy it here now!  


For the World Traveler: Make sure your special woman is always traveling in style with the Vera Bradley Weekender Bag. This bag comes in tons of different prints and is perfect for someone that is always on the go. 


For the Super Mom: Why not give her a way to relax? You can never go wrong with a gift card for a massage, manicure, or spa day! Pick up a gift card for her somewhere in your area; she will love the time to herself to relax. 


For Any Mom: Give her the gift that keeps on giving, the Remington i-Light Pro! She can give herself the ultimate spa day without ever leaving the house. The i-Light Pro delivers professional quality hair removal in the comfort of your own home, and any mom will appreciate that. Pick one up here!


Introducing Remington's Show Stopper Styling Tools!

by Remington Ready March 25, 2013

Introducing Remington’s Show Stopper styling tools, available exclusively at Wal-Mart! The Show Stopper line delivers beautiful tools for beautiful hair. The line consists of a hair dryer and straightener with a trendy design.


The Show Stopper Ionic Hair Dryer has ionic conditioning capabilities stopping excess damage from occurring on your hair. It also has 3 heat settings and 2 speed setting to allow you to create your own drying experience! The Show Stopper 1” Ceramic Flat Iron are perfect for giving your hair that texture and volume you need. The flat iron has a fast speed up, and salon high heat giving you the perfect look every time.


Introducing Remington’s NEW line of hair tools – Pearl Pro!

by Remington Ready March 11, 2013
Introducing Remington’s NEW line of hair tools – Pearl Pro! Experience high-end tools and salon-quality results, proven by stylists from all over the US.

The Pearl Pro Flat Iron delivers high grade salon performance. With 1” floating plates, it will give your hair a sleek and shiny result every time. The temperature lock and ready temperature alert will allow you to straighten your hair, at the right temperature for your hair type, avoiding any excess damage.


The Pearl Pro Hair Dryer is complete with a quality AC motor that lasts up to 3 times longer than traditional motors. This dryer has ionic conditioning capabilities that give you a shiny finish in a shorter drying time. With its narrow concentrator and lightweight and ergonomic design you can get a salon quality blow out in record time!


Learn more about our Pearl Pro line in the video below:



*NEW* Remington T|Studio SILK Ceramic Technology

by Remington Ready February 18, 2013


Remington’s NEW T|Studio SILK Ceramic Technology is the latest in our revolutionary hair care products. The SILK line introduces professional grade advanced ceramic plates that are infused with real silk proteins for our smoothest glide giving you effortless sleek hair and professional salon results. From straighteners, to curling wands, to setters and blow dryers – the SILK line has you covered. Witness the salon results for yourself!


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Boots for any Occasion!

by Remington Ready February 4, 2013

During the winter months, boots become a must-have closet staple. Lucky for us, long gone are the days of unflattering and clunky uniform winter boots. Whether it’s a warm and fuzzy slipper boot, a sleek leather motorcycle boot, or booties to wear out on the town, the options are endless! Boots are an item to invest in, while some trends may come and go most styles are here to stay. Here is a roundup of some of our favorite boots for this winter season. 


The Classic: Black boots match just about everything, and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. These are a must have in any closet – and a go-to most days of the week. Pair them with jeans, colored pants, or a flowing skirt! If you’re feeling really daring – go for the over the knee black boot to amp up your style.  


Wellies: Every girl needs a pair of rain boots for those rainy mornings that seem impossible to get out of bed. No one wants wet or cold feet, and these rain boots just happen to be totally fashionable too!  Purchase a bright colored pair of wellies to lighten up even the dreariest of days (fuchsia or bright red are our favorites). Pair the bright colors with a subtle army jacket for a chic look. 


Booties: Booties are completely on trend right now. For work or a night out, they can add the finishing touch to any outfit. Whether you like a little heel, or a flat, there are tons of options out there. The best part about booties is that they can be paired with anything: A mini-skirt, jeans, or even shorts! 


The Winter Boot: A big winter boot is best for the days with freshly fallen snow or slush, and you just don’t want to ruin any of your other boots. They come in wide variety of styles these days, so these boots can be a fashion statement while keeping your toes warm and dry. Winter boots fit comfortably with leggings or skinny jeans – paired with your favorite puffy vest or peacoat.