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2012 Year in Review

by Remington Ready December 31, 2012

As the year winds down today, it is always fun to look back on the year and all the trends that surrounded us. With fashion and hair always revolutionizing, each year brings us new and exciting things to look forward to. Here are the trends that defined 2012, and next week look for our guest blogger from Vanilla Fringe, giving us some insight into the trends that are here to stay for 2013. 



The Ballerina Bun: the ballerina bun defined hair in 2012. With its simple and sleek look, every girl tried this style out a few times. It even got trendy renditions as the year went on.



The Peplum Top: this girly and flirty top seemed to be all the rage this year. The trend floated over to skirts and dresses, making it a must have in any girl’s closet.



Faux Fur: whether it’s a fur vest, a fur coat, or a fur scarf. Fur was everywhere this year!



Loafers: loafers definitely made a comeback. From Target to Gap, every major store was carrying loafers in solid colors, patterned designs, and crazy textures. 



Ankle Booties: ankle booties are all the rage. Every store had so many styles to choose from it was hard to find a go-to pair! 


The Glitz and Glam Pieces You Need this New Year’s

by Remington Ready December 24, 2012

As New Year’s Eve approaches, all girls everywhere are frantically searching for the perfect outfit to wear to the party or event of the night – and no outfit can be complete without a little sparkle! Here are our favorite ways to incorporate some glitter into your New Year’s Eve outfit.



Peplum Top: You can’t go wrong following the trend of the year – the peplum top – completely covered in sequins. Pair this top with a black or bright red skirt for a complete New Year’s Eve outfit that will keep you sparkling all night long. 



Sequin Leggings: Whether you are looking to stay warm, or wanting to dance the night away, these sequin leggings are necessary for your big night out. Complete the look with a colorful top and your favorite leather coat. 



Sequin Dress: This girly, sequined dress is a classic. You can dress it up with petite heels, or even paired with a leather coat or boots. Either way, you’ll roll into the New Year in style. 



Glitzy Jewelry: If you don’t want to follow the sparkly trend in your clothing choices, what about adding a glitzy piece of jewelry to your look? This bracelet set or chunky necklace can complete any outfit, of any color, and give your outfit the extra boost you’re looking for!



Holiday Gifts for Her

by Remington Ready December 10, 2012

As the holidays rapidly approach, you may find yourself fresh out of gift ideas for your mom, best friend, or girlfriend. There is nothing worse than feeling stressed out around the holidays, so here are a few gift ideas for that special woman in your life.



1. iPhone Case - A girl can never have too many iPhone cases. For protection and an adorable pattern, you can’t go wrong. The website, has thousands of prints available as iPhone cases or skins. 



2. Turnlock Checkbook Wallet - This classic wallet is adorable with a turn-lock ornament on the front. It will hold everything a girl could need, and fits snuggly in her bag. 



3. A.V. Max Wire Word Bracelet – This delicate “Love” bracelet is the perfect gift for that special girl in your life. It comes in “Love”, “Believe”, and “Dream”. 



4. Half-Dozen Egg Crate - For the girl with tons of jewelry? This stoneware egg crate is perfect for all of those small pieces. It will organize and keep all of her jewelry safe, and will look great sitting on her vanity!



5. Draped Sequin Tee - This sequin knit top is the ideal holiday party top. It will keep your favorite girl warm and stylish all winter long. 



6. Xhilaration Pajama Set - A new pajama set is a classic holiday gift. This charming pattern makes for a great gift for any girl.



7. Two-Toned Leather Tablet Case - Is a girl in your life getting a tablet for the holidays? Complete the gift with this two-toned leather tablet case. It comes in this purple/navy combination, and four other colors. 



8. Aerie Marled Faux Fur Snood - Faux fur is all the rage. This scarf is reversible with a knit pattern on one side, and faux fur on the other. Warm and so chic!  



9. Holiday 15-Piece Nail Polish Set - This limited edition Holiday 15-piece Nail Polish Set has every winter nail color a girl could need. Extra bonus – the price is unbeatable! 



10. Tartan Mug Set - This seasonal mug set has such a sweet pattern that is ideal for the holiday season. You could even complete the gift with a package of your favorite cocoa or coffee. 


Colors for the Season

by Remington Ready November 26, 2012

As the winter months are officially upon us, many of us are feeling anxious and ready to change up our look. Our skin has lost the rest of our summer glow, and our wardrobe has changed from t-shirts to peacoats, often our hair needs an update, too! Some of you may be feeling adventurous, but if you’re just looking for an update to your existing color – you’re not alone. Below is some advice on how to renew your do’ for winter!




For vibrant blondes, you want to avoid those golden tones because they will wash out your complexion that has paled since summer ended. Instead look to incorporate gray or ashy tones. Think Gwyneth Paltrow. These colors will bring a nice winter glow that still complements your fair skin. If the ashy color doesn’t work for your olive skin tone, you should simply add more lowlights to your winter foil. The lowlights can balance your hair and enrich your color to match your winter skin.




You’re in luck! The ombre trend is style in for this season, but slightly less drastic. Rather than deep brunette roots with blonde ends, the updated ombre is a dark rich-brown base with slightly lighter brown hues as you move down the length of the hair.  Ask your stylist to incorporate golden brown tones as you move towards your ends, and you’ll have a stylish ‘do that is winter-ready.



Red Head

For you bold beauties, this winter the trend is a more subtle red tone rather than last year’s fire engine red. Look to copper or ginger hews rather than orange or red brights. With red hair, you want an all over color, so avoid highlighting your tresses. If you are looking for a darker mature red, think Julianne Moore. For a lighter more youthful red, look to Emma Stone. 


Back to Basics: Cleaning Your Styling Tools

by Remington Ready October 15, 2012

Listen up lovely ladies (and gents)! When you stop and think of how funky and gross some of your styling tools can get and all of the dust, oils, and germs that accumulates, you’ll start looking at those hairballs differently. No worries – we’re here to help! Cleaning your styling tools will not only give you more control while styling, but also smoother, shiner hair. No germs and shiny hair? WIN!  



NOTE: Make sure your styling tools are unplugged and cooled before cleaning!!!


Hair Dryer – Simply remove the air vent (circular area located in back) and clean lint off the filter with an old toothbrush. Replace the filter and put the air vent back on! Lastly, wipe down the exterior of your dryer with an anti-bacterial wipe. Voila! Remember to clean the vent area about once a month to help with air circulation through your blow dryer. It also extends the life of your blow dryer by preventing it from overheating!


Straightener – Take a damp washcloth and gently wash off the plates from any build-up. If the straightener has floating plates, take a small pin and gently run it under the plates to remove any build-up. If you still have stubborn, try using rubbing alcohol on a soft rag. Make sure that you squeeze out the excess alcohol from your rag before cleaning your flat iron to prevent alcohol from getting inside. 


Brush Grab a pen or pencil and slide the pointed end under the hair build-up from the bottom of the brush to the top. Pull up until the hair starts to loosen. Then take a scissors and carefully cut straight down the middle. Pull the clumps apart and discard any hairballs. To clean the rest of the brush, use shampoo on a toothbrush with warm water to scrub the base of the brush between the bristles. Rinse the brush, and then lay it face down to dry.


Curling Iron/Wand Wipe the barrel and handle with a damp cloth. To remove heavy build-up, use rubbing alcohol instead of water. Another secret tip is to mix 1 part warm water with 1 part liquid fabric softener and put mixture on a cloth or q-tip. Wipe down your curling iron with the cloth or use a q-tip to get those small, hard to reach areas. 


Organizing Hair Tools & Accessories

by Remington Ready October 1, 2012

I am so excited to be stopping by this week from IHeart Organizing! As a gal, I am a huuuge fan of hair products. Hair dryer, curling iron, flat iron, oh my. Not to mention all of the super fabulous bobby pins, hair ties, flower clips and headbands that decorate my locks on a daily basis. Love it all. But what I don’t love, is that without any storage or systems in place, all of those hair goodies can quickly take over the entire bathroom. Jumbled cords and accessories strewn about the counter can happen in a flash and pretty soon I am left wondering where my toothbrush is. Not cool.


I have done a lot of inspiration searching and I am really excited to stop by today to share some of my favorite ways to keep all of those hair supplies under control, allowing the bathroom to remain nice and tidy happy place.


When it comes to hair supplies, utilizing the insides of drawers is one of the best ways to neatly tuck away those cords and supplies, yet also giving you quick and easy access.



{ 1 / 2 / 3 }


If you don’t have the luxury of built in drawer storage {and it would be a total luxury}, then another great option is to utilize the inside of a cabinet door.  



{ 1 / 2 }


Many online organizing sites carry over the door organizers, which make a solid solution to wrangling countertop clutter.  






No drawer or cabinet space? How about an organizer that neatly hooks onto a towel bar?






Or sits on the counter/vanity top?






If you have the DIY gene, or know someone that does, a few PVC pipes cut to size is a quick, easy and inexpensive solution to corralling those hair care items.






And if you a really ambitious and want to move up on the DIY scale, how incredible is this storage bench/towel holder option? It gives me happy butterflies!






So many great ideas! But what about those itty bits; hair ties, bobby pins and clips?


I personally love to use small dishes found at thrift stores to wrangle the different sized hair accessories:





And since I am always a fan a using everyday items from around the home for organizing, how about a muffin pan?






Or a pretty paper covered tin container or a photo frame adorned with ribbon?




{ 1 / 2 }


Of course, there are great items available on the market for purchase as well, acrylic is always a great way to go since you can always get a quick visual of the contents.






Or how about some magnetic spice tins, which can be placed within a medicine cabinet!  Simply charming yet practical!






Speaking of magnets, did you know they actually make magnetic bobby pin holders? Never loose those itty bitties again, so fabulous!







I am over the moon for the new Remington organizing products! Drawer dividers to keep everything separate and simple to find, and a wall mount storage board which is the perfect solution to display and store hundreds or accessories in one place!  



 { 1 / 2 }


Whether you love to DIY, thrift or shop, there are a variety of great solutions to wrangle and conceal your favorite hair care items! Say goodbye to countertop clutter and hello to delightful mornings!


Happy organizing!  



Must Have Fall Accessories

by Remington Ready September 3, 2012

While we hate to admit that summer is quickly coming to a close we can’t help but get (excessively) excited about slipping back into a cozy fall wardrobe.  While fall fashion can pretty much be summed up in “layers” here are our favorite accessories that make a fall look fabulous.


Cozy Scarf: Having a great scarf (or many) this season is the biggest must-have of them all! They’re great to accent an outfit or just to keep you warm. You can go with a standard thin scarf or a thicker infinity scarf for those cooler days. If you have a neutral colored coat, try out a cool pattern or floral scarf to make your outfit more fun! 

Splurge: Fritillary Ruffle Loop, Anthropology  $38

Steal: Textured Knit Snood,  $20.44


Vintage Jewelry: Start off your fall with some new jewelry that will make your outfit pop! Think big pieces and warm colors. If you look hard enough you will be able to find some great things that will transform a boring outfit into something fantastic. Try looking at your local farmer’s market or thrift store! Finding these pieces here will truly make them one of a kind!

Splurge: Gold Natural Gemstone Necklace,  $325
Steal: Layered Stone Necklace, Banana Republic   $39.50



Leather Bag: Try getting a nice warm brown leather bag for this upcoming fall! The leather is a great material to get you through this cold season and is resistant to wear and tear. Take one of your mom’s old neck ties and secure it to the bag strap for a cute personal touch!


Splurge: New Leather City Willis, Coach $298
Steal: Meadow Top Handle Flap Crossbody, Nicole Miller $35



Boots: You can’t start fall without a great pair of boots (I supposed can, but it isn’t nearly as fun).  Boots are a staple. Dress them up for work or dress them down for a casual weekend! We suggest looking for something versatile and leather to get you through those slushy days as fall turns to winter. Make sure you use leather or suede spray before you wear them to ensure the boots stay looking great throughout the seasons!


Splurge: Paige Tall Riding, The Fry Company  $358

Steal: Ciao Bella Tabby Wide Calf Riding Boot,  $99.95


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Embrace your Geekness Week: Geek Fashion

by Remington Ready July 9, 2012

There was a time not so long ago when geeks had nothing to do with fashion (and a time even before that when they were mainly associated with carny acts, but we won't go back quite that far today!). Just a decade or so ago, the term identified an individual who was extremely intelligent, whose employment was likely associated with computers, and who was probably a touch socially awkward. Style in relationship to geeks was a non starter. No one cared much about what they wore, except to make fun of an errant zipper or tape holding together a pair of black-framed glasses.




Today, geeks have claimed an important place in our culture, and what they wear does not go unnoticed. But geeks approach style in a completely different way from the average fashionista. From Steve Jobs to Mark Zuckerberg, making a single sartorial statement is their fashion strategy. They make a choice and stick with it: black turtleneck and jeans, hoodie and  cargo shorts, respectively. It's about practicality, efficiency, and consistency. And as much as they might deny it, it's also about style.



The clothing you—or anyone else from your mom to Bill Gates—wears has an inherent style, because you chose it. You observed it, you summed up how you would feel in it and how people would perceive you in it, You decided weather you liked the color, if you needed maybe a smaller size, and if you identified with the logo or the label. For sure some folks--those who have more than two principal items of clothing in rotation--spend more time deciding such things. But in all cases, a style is communicated. Even the geeks of yore exhibited a style, even if it was one that most people considered to be generally bad.



Silicon Valley angel investor Chris Sacca is my favorite example of the singular geek fashion phenomenon. He wears a fancy cowboy shirt every day of the week. That way, he says, he saves time deciding what to wear. It's always a cowboy shirt! And he looks darn good in them. Efficiency might be his main goal, but you can be sure Mr. Sacca is making a fashion statement—an unwavering and consistent one—in his investor meetings.


by Kristen Philipkoski,




Freebie Friday - Remington Women's S Razor Giveaway

by Remington Ready June 29, 2012


Congratulations to these lucky winners:


Lisa Mckenna
Sherry Butt
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Heather Crump
Sarah Harrier

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Unique Father's Day Gifts

by Remington Ready June 13, 2012

As Father’s day approaches, the same question comes up every year. What new and creative gift should I get? What can I get that will be better than the previous years? We all know how difficult it can be to buy a gift for our fathers. There’s the tech savvy dads, sports loving, hunters, outdoorsy, and the list goes on. We have created a list of hopefully some new and clever gifts ideas for this father’s day that can trump previous years, not hurt your wallet, and make this day a special one.



Handyman: Some dads spend all of their time in the garage working with tools and constantly trying to find something to fix. If your father is the fix everything himself, handy man type we found just the perfect simple gift, tool pens. We found these pens designed as different hammers, screws etc. This can be the perfect addition to a toolbox or workshop that is inexpensive and shows your father just how well you know him.



Outdoors/Family Man: There will always be a group of dads who love enjoying everything the outdoors has to offer and spending quality time with family and friends on camping trips. This year instead of just sitting around a campfire, we found a great outdoors board game. This camp board game is an easy way to bring fun anywhere you go. It is water proof and is designed with questions for all ages so everyone can participate and join in on the fun.



Sports Fanatic: If you’re dad is the type that loves a good Sunday afternoon at home with a sporting game on and a beer, we found just the right gift. This is one that you could say is definitely unique and will be a gift to remember. The universal “Remote + Bottle Opener”, it is a TV remote that will work for all TV’s and has the bottle opener built into the remote. Sounds dangerous but this could be the perfect gift for a man cave and could possibly be the only thing tool he will need on one of those Sunday afternoons.



Tech Savvy: It seems these days that technology is ever-changing and there are constantly new and different products every day. If you’re dad is the type that always wants the newest gadget we have found a great gift for this year. The “Smart Talk Solar Hands-Free Accessory”, this product mounts to the windshield of a vehicle so the solar panel can face the glass. This will keep the battery charged and will allow extended talk time. Phone calls can be answered by the press of a large button or by voice with smart phones. Keep your father safe on the roads and up to date with technology this father’s day.


Now, if your dad is a bit more traditional a new shaver or a groomer might do the trick.  Check out our Father's Day featured products on and take 25% OFF with the promo code: DAD25 (expires 6/17/2012).


Happy Father's Day!

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