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V-Day the Single Way

by Keltie Colleen February 13, 2012

Warning: Baby with bow and arrow


Oh hey Valentine's Day, you snuck up on my there...I didn't see you coming for me. I was busy feeling sorry for myself after being alone for Christmas. I was spending all my free time looking at my instagram feed of photos of me kissing my wine glass, the wall and the air on New Years Eve. Le sigh.


I have always wondered why the universe decided to place three holidays so close together. I wondered this the most when I was single. For those of you who know me, you have followed my recovery from a bad case of a broken-heart over on my blog. For those of you who have no idea who I am, I will give you a quick re-cap. I fell in love three times, got dumped three times, a sat alone for three years crying, then I wrote a book about it called Rockettes, Rockstars and Rockbottom. Shortly after that, I became the poster child for everything not to do after a break-up.


After I got all of that heartbreak out of my system, a very magical thing happened. I met “the one." There he was, all 6" 5' of him, standing in front of me, willing to love me till the end of the Earth. This Christmas we got engaged, and on New Years Eve we smooched under the moon in Thailand. Oh crap, I am not helping, am I? This was supposed to be a blog about how to deal with being alone on Valentine's Day. You hate me already.


I guess my point is that, sure, being alone lands at the same level of suckery as say a Brazilian bikini wax and weighing yourself, but it isn't permanent. This too shall pass. If you are cool enough to end up on this blog, then I have a good feeling that you are cool enough to land a major babe, forever lover.

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Hot Mom Alert - How A Real Mom Stays Fit!

by Lindsey Holder January 24, 2012

Hot Mom Stays in Shape


It's fun to hear the tricks of the trade on how celeb moms stay fit. However, there's nothing better than to hear the inside scoop & tips on a REAL working mom staying in ROCKI'N shape!


My motivation when I hit my gym? It's called...Shannon!


Shannon is a busy mom of 2 precious girls, full time teacher, wife and twin sister! She can beat me in spin class, rock a tank top like no other and has guns of steel!


Of course I had to get the skinny on how this superwoman handles it all (and basically just wanted the scoop on how to look as FAB as she does, lol!)


Here's Shannon's fit and healthy tips!


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DIY Golden Globe Red Carpet Looks

by Richard Marin January 16, 2012

Red Carpet Breakdown Tina Fey and Michelle Pfeiffer


Last night's 2012 Golden Globe Awards were not only full of show stopping performances, but breathtaking new looks! Celebrity stylist, Richard Marin, is sharing how he styled two of Hollywood's leading ladies - Tina Fey and Michelle Pfeiffer.



For the 2012 Golden Globes, I went for simple, beautiful blown-out movable hair for Tina Fey.

1. I began my blow dry by applying Creme for Style by Oribe on damp hair.


2. I then used Remington's T|Studio Pearl Ceramic Professional AC Hair Dryer with a bore bristle round brush to complete the blow-out. Combining the three products gave me the ultimate shine and locked in hair that holds the memory of a blow dry shape, but still allows movement.


3. After blow drying, I sprayed Royal Blowout by Oribe on Tina's blow dried hair.


4. Next I used Remington's new Style Therapy: Keratin Therapy 1 ½" Clip-Free Curling Iron. This sealed in shine, and gave a soft bend in the hair and also blocked out any humidity.


5. To finish I flipped the hair upside down and sprayed Imperméable Anti-Humidity Spray by Oribe, flipped hair back into place, and off she went!




To create Michelle Pfeiffer's updo...

1. I sprayed Maximista Thickening Spray by Oribe and flipped her hair forward and blow dried with Remington's T|Studio Pearl Ceramic Professional AC Hair Dryer until hair was completely dry. This gave me maximum volume!


2. I then took 3x4 inch sections of the hair and sprayed Soft Lacquer Heat Styling Spray by Oribe and used Remington's Style Therapy: Keratin Therapy 1 ½" Clip-Free Curling Iron.


3. Next, I pinned my curls in place until they cooled off. Once cooled, remember to remove pins and shake your hair, A LOT.


4. To give Michelle's hair all over amazing texture, I sprayed Oribe's Dry Texturizing Spray.


5. I pulled her hair back into a low, loose ponytail held with a hair-safe elastic band and double looped the ponytail to create a loose bun.


6. I pinned loose pieces of hair and also pull out pieces of hair around the face to give it a carefree undone look.


7. To finish the style, I spritzed a mist of Superfine Hair Spray by Oribe and she was ready!





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Benefits of Sleep

by Kelley Krueger January 9, 2012



Ok y'all .. I've now discovered the true meaning of sleep and why we need it! Without sleep I'm pretty much useless. It makes for a better day, it makes our skin glow, it inspires us to look our best, and it's pretty much the core of everything beauty.


Being sleep deprived is a depressing look. Not cute at all. You can't hide it. Eye bags cannot be missed. But how do full time working moms do it and still look fab?! Is there a secret potion to all this? My secret...20 minute naps here and there. Sleep when baby sleeps. It really works.


I refuse to let my beauty regime go. It's not me. I love to wake up refreshed get ready and head out to my day. Being comfortable and feeling "you" makes a world of a difference. Nothing should stand in the way of that.


Though, there are many people I know who never sleep and look fab. Or is that a big fat lie?! staying young the only way to look fresh 24-7?! I look at Cindy Crawford and just wonder. That woman is drop dead gorgeous. Someone please tell me how super models always look perfect! To end on a good note get sleep people - that's my trick!



6 New Years Beauty Resolutions to Keep This Year

by Kelly Glenn January 3, 2012

New Years

Yes! It's the time of the year to make resolutions.. I suppose you could make resolutions any time of the year but everyone seems to make them in the new year. Just TRY to find a treadmill at the gym come January 1st.


Is anyone else horrible at keeping resolutions? I'm that person who always breaks my resolutions after, like, a day. In fact, the only resolution I think I've ever kept was my cynical resolution last year: DO NOT make any ridiculous resolutions.


I toyed with the idea of making the same resolution this year --but instead I chose to challenge myself like everyone else and make some beauty-themed resolutions (I know, total beauty nerd) and share them with all of you. This year I resolve to:


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10 Gift Ideas for the Beauty-Obsessed

by Kelly Glenn December 14, 2011

Holiday Beauty Gifts


It’s safe to say that the holiday season is definitely in the air. One of my favorite times of the year –besides summer, of course! Ya’ll know I’m not so big on fall, once Fashion Week is over I’m usually counting down the days until summer comes around but something about the holidays always lifts my spirits and I can’t help but get excited.

Silly confession: I totally bring out the Christmas tunes in, like, July. I’m that girl sitting in traffic (a not-so-rare occurrence in L.A) and belting it out to my hearts content to Christmas music. Only the classics for me of course, like Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra Britney and Hilary Duff. And Justin Bieber. I know.

As a total beauty-junkie and someone who tries out 100’s of beauty products every year, I decided to come up with a list of beauty gifts that any beauty-obsessed gal will totally love --no matter what your budget.


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Christmas gifts for your BFF $25 or less

by Lindsey Holder December 13, 2011

Fabulous Christmas finds for your friends can be grueling in itself. Finding the perfect gift $25 or less? A challenge I am up to!


Here are my FIVE Holiday gift recommends for your BFF this year!

FIVE Holiday gift recommends for your BFF


1} Nails Inc. London:  $25 (special Holiday price)
This 3 piece sparkly set includes silver, gold and purple tones. Glittery holiday nails are the ultimate accessory to any chic party outfit!


2}Frenchi Waffle Knit Infinity Scarf: $22
A box from Nordstrom will put a smile on any BFF when they are presented their gift! This chunky warm waffle knit scarf is available in rich seasonal colors of Rust Marsala, Black, Olive burnt, Blue Moroccan and Camel.


3}The Hunger Games book by Suzanne Collins $17.99
Nothing like a good book to connect with a friend about. My BFF would NOT stop talking about this book & has officially got me hooked! Talking about the characters, plot and upcoming movie (yay!) are ideal lunch convo. And plus, it’s reading….LOVE!


4}Skinnygirl White Cranberry Cocktail (21 Years or older): $13.99
Thank you Bethenny Frankel {link:} for allowing us to have a cocktail and still fit into our skinny jeans!  With 100 calories per 4 ounce serving, this makes THE perfect girlfriend gift! Super cute packaging that looks like a gift in itself!


5}Movie Tickets: $25
What better way to spend the afternoon than with a friend at the movies? Upcoming friend friendly flicks are New Year’s Eve (perfect Holiday timing!) Hunger Games (duh!) ( Snow White & the Huntsman (can’t WAIT!)




Turning Strangers Into Friends With Founder Caryln Shaw

by Lindsey Holder November 8, 2011

Intrigued by this new organization, I turned to Founder Carlyn Shaw to get the deets on what Turning Strangers Into Friends was all about!

Turning Strangers Into Friends

What exactly is Turning Strangers into Friends?
Carlyn: TSIF is the way I live my life and manifest my dreams. Every single person we have in our life was at one point, a “stranger”… so who are we to judge the person standing next to us in any given moment.

I believe we are all connected. We can choose to walk around with blinders on, unaware of the people around us. OR, we can be open to the opportunities that cross our path every day.


People = Possibilities. 

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A Peek Inside Alexis Bellino’s Vanity Bag

by Tammy Gibson October 7, 2011

Tammy Gibson and Alexis Bellino


I recently sat down with Alexis Bellino from The Real Housewives of Orange County during a Hollywood’s Glampreneurs lunch.  We all know Alexis is a beauty but how does she stay that way when out with her 3 kids or running around doing interviews, events or parties?  By carrying a well stocked vanity bag!

Alexis actually carries two vanity bags.  One is all lip product! And, it’s all M.A.C.!  In “every color” as she states!  Take a peek at as she unpacks the second of her vanity bags during an interview with Vanity Girl Hollywood:

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