Mermaids from Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean 4


The newest installment of the wildly popular Pirates of the Caribbean franchise called ‘On Stranger Tides’ made its way into theaters last week. The film stars Johnny Depp and the gorgeous Penelope Cruz, who didn’t let expecting her first child bring her down from filming the movie. In fact, Penelope’s look-a-like sister filled in as a body double.


But in my opinion the real stars of Pirates 4 were the mermaids. The ichthyic femme fatales were no ‘Little Mermaid’. Gorgeous, sexy and vicious, these ethereal beings were a picture of beauty and totally fierce, too!


Based on the concept art for the film, the mermaids are meant to be predatory, yet enticing and beautiful with long cascading hair. Naturally, I couldn’t help but be drawn to their amazing hair and couldn’t wait to get home and attempt my own femme fatale mermaid ‘do.


The mermaids in the film were usually in water, thus lending to a wet hair look. I opted to achieve this with cascading curls and lots of shine spray to make the ‘do more wearable.


Steps to Creating Mermaid Inspired Hair by Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean 4


1 - To begin, I sectioned the hair into two-inch rows and twisted it back toward the crown of the head securing each section with bobby pins, creating a romantic crown-like effect. It’s okay if some pieces are left out around the face, this gives it a softer look and who has perfect hair after emerging from being in the water all day?


2 - Separated the hair into one inch sections and curled the ends using Remington’s T-Studio Pearl Styling Wand. Once cooled, I separated the curls just by tousling them with my fingers, leaving the hair with a wavy effect.


3 - To finish I sprayed the hair with a styling shine spray to add extra shine.

There you have it! Easy wearable mermaid ‘do with a romantic touch.