LockStarz Synthetic Feather Extensions


With the Popularity of Feather Hair Extensions, Hair Royalty created a new Line of Hair Extension Products called LockStarz.  After finding out more than 1,500 Roosters were being killed weekly at one USA farm alone, Hair Royalty decided to create an alternative.

In order to curve the Animal Cruelty and supply a market with major shortages of the “real rooster” feather, Hair Royalty has seen a major increase in Alternative Rooster feather hair extension sales.


They have designed a humane, cruelty-free and environment friendly alternative. They commissioned an animal cruelty free and humane manufacturing partner to create a “grizzly rooster pattern” hair extension.  These are made from a hybrid synthetic hair extension.  A great alternative to the killing of roosters, don’t you think?


The extensions are 15 inches in length, feature i tip attachments for easy installation, and can be safely washed, curled , crimped and ironed. (*Safe MAX Temp 330 degrees).


The extensions do not have a spine like the rooster so “loopy curls” cannot be made but they can be flipped out, and also cutting and adding texture with a razor as well as adding product can make for many custom looks.


There are 10 different colors featuring the grizzly rooster pattern:  pink, purple, canary yellow, royal blue-solid-, white, lime green, turquoise blue, orange, brown and red. $10/pack of 10.


For every “pack” of Alternative Rooster Feather Extensions sold LockStarz will donate $1 to Locks of Love!


LockStarz products also feature many natural feather extensions all cruelty free and obtained from the natural shedding of the birds. More details and a complete line up of products can be found at http://lockstarz.bigcartel.com/.


Love and hugs,