Back To School Hairstyles with Wrap to Waves Styler and the Pearl Styling Wand


It’s back-to-school time and with that, picture day will be coming soon! If you like for your daughter to go with a special look on picture day, try these looks compliments of Remington Styling Tools!


The first style is created with the Wraps to Wave Styler!


Watch the video and we’ll show you how it works!



For a different look, try the Remington T-Studio Pearl Styling Wand:



Picture perfect styles compliments of Remington Styling Tools!


Don’t keep your Remington styling tools to yourself! Your daughter deserves beautiful curls too!  The styling tools can be used for everyday, picture day or other special occasions!  Just be sure to use the proper heat protectant product to keep her hair healthy!


Thank you to Donna Kniss of Salon Tranquility in Calimesa, California for styling these beautiful girls!  You can follow the Salon on Facebook!


Have a daughter?  How will she wear her hair for picture day this year? Please share with us on the Remington Red Chair Facebook page!




Love & Hugs,