Take A Pregnant Pause and rethink your fashion

KK met with LA Stylist Mom, Bethany Winters in early August to discuss the hardships of dressing a pregnant body. If you’ve been pregnant, you know that it’s pretty easy to feel frumpy when your body is growing rounder. KK refuses to give up her sense of style and in her profession as a high-end stylist, she can’t, even on days when she feels like giving in!

Bethany sat down with KK and talked about this dilemma!

KK is doing great, did you hear that? She’s one beautifully dressed mama! A few key points that Bethany shared for all expecting women:

1.    Buy jersey knit. It’s a great fabric that stretches and allows you to skip the maternity clothes!

2.  Accessorize!  Stay on trend and work your accessories to help keep your look fresh!

3.  Layer. You can create multiple outfits with a single dress by layering jean jackets, sweaters and tops over your dress.

KK had a particular dress given to her as a gift that makes her feel frumpy.  She asks Bethany how she can incorporate it into her wardrobe:

Bethany recommends this dress be worn in the third trimester when KK is too big to fill anything else out.  It will stretch over her belly and be more fitted as she gets bigger.  Bethany recommends a statement necklace to draw the attention up to KK’s face and off the belly, as well as pairing the dress with jackets: Jean for day, black leather for night!  Sexy!

When you are expecting, don’t let your style be compromised.  While many maternity lines are quite pricey, you can find basic pieces like jersey-knit dresses, leggings and men’s wear to get you through.  Most importantly, use your accessories to make your rotating wardrobe pieces look fresh!

What is/was your favorite maternity wardrobe piece?

Love & Hugs,

About Bethany Winters:
Los Angeles based wardrobe stylist and mother of 2. Bethany can be found on BethanyWinters.com or on Twitter @LAStylistMom. She is available for local or online consultations!