Color Me Fall

Without a doubt this fall will leave us seeing red with everything from clothes, denim, jewelry and accessories following suit. But another place fall’s hottest color is starting to show up all over? Hair.

Red-head stereotypes aside, red can be one of the hardest colors to pull off and it’s definitely a tricky one to maintain. No worries though, depending on your skin tone there’s a shade of red for everyone, whether it be a pale strawberry blonde or a deep auburn. You’ll certainly want to consult with your stylist to find the perfect shade to suit you.

If there’s one thing that anyone who has ever gone red knows, it fades. fast. So to keep your fiery locks from looking dull here are a few tricks:

Opt for a designated color shampoo that is free of sulfates which can strip the hair of color. There are so many color depositing shampoos out there now, these will really help your red stay brighter longer.

Go for a rich conditioner to help keep hair healthy and maintain the intensity. Healthy hair holds in the color better.

As with any hair color, the more you wash it the more it will fade. Instead of shampooing every day, try a dry shampoo instead which won’t induce fading. Yes, they even make ones for redheads now!

Planning on rocking that red hair in the sun? Think again! You might wanna wear a hat for protection as the suns bleaching rays can also incite fading.

Shine on ruby-locks xo,