I was recently introduced to a new children's organic and natural hair care line called Hot Tot. I'm excited to introduce this company to you as I think they are already doing great things for children's hair and hearts! Here is an interview with Hot Tot founder, Megan Gage:


What inspired you to create Hot Tot?
When my son was an infant, I used to mix styling products with baby lotion to give him a curl on top of his head. Though I loved the look and the way the mixture made him smell I was surprised by the amount of  attention his style attracted. We were constantly being stopped by strangers who wanted to comment or question how I got my son’s hair to do that. I began telling my husband that someone should create a product to achieve the timeless baby curl, half jokingly. I never expected to be that someone. After many months of being stopped continuously by strangers, my husband began encouraging me to pursue developing the product’s development. Shortly after, I stumbled upon an article that outlined the dangers found in common children’s personal care products (The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics No More Toxic Tub, 2009). The data was alarming and I felt inspired to create a product line that was safe, fabulous and highly effective.


How is your company socially and environmentally proactive? Please share those details!
I have been a social worker for many years. Prior to the birth of my son, I quit my full-time job to spend more time with my family. I knew I needed to have some type of involvement with a cause committed to making the world a better place, though I wasn’t exactly sure what that would look like. As the concept for Hot Tot began to take shape, I knew I had found my opportunity. I was so excited to have found a way to be involved with several wonderful causes AND to never have to sit in rush hour traffic. While I hadn’t previously imagined myself working in the beauty industry, this piece of the puzzle fit perfectly for me.


Hot Tot’s current donations are very small since we’re just getting started and are often given in the form of product for silent auctions or to kids involved with certain agencies to let them know that someone they’ve never met cares about them. I hope the company reaches a size that our monthly cash donations make a real difference in the lives of children. I dream of developing a year-long program that would teach at-risk girls how to run a business, as I believe that such exposure would help them feel confident, worth while, and hopeful about future possibilities.


While healthy products were really important, I also wanted to make sure that we were mindful of the environment in regards to our manufacturing and business practices. I selected a manufacturer who adheres to the 28-Day Degradation Guidelines, which state that any raw material must biodegrade within 28 days if it were to spill onto the ground. We do not engage in any type of animal testing and didn’t individually box our products to avoid producing excess waste. We reuse boxes and shipping palettes and employ and electronic filing system. I think small efforts eventually add up to larger and very positive results.


Any child star fans of your product?
In all honesty, it still feels a bit surreal that anyone has heard of Hot Tot. The line was launched in April so is still very new. We recently sent gift boxes to Tori Spelling, Victoria Beckham, Rachel Zoe, and Jessica Alba. I am hopeful that they love the products and use them on their Hot Tots.


Can you share with us how to keep our children still while we do their hair?
With a bit of planning and practice it can be easy to get kids to sit still. Location is key. Select a place where your child can be happy and distracted. I like putting my kiddos on the edge of the sink. I stand behind them so they won’t fall and allow water to lightly drip on their toes. A high chair with some dry cereal on the tray or a spot in front of the TV also works very well. Keep in mind that kids are kids, and most don’t have the ability to sit still for a long period of time. Work quickly! Practice makes perfect!


The best tools for combing through a tangled bedhead?
Hot Tot’s Conditioning Detangler is truly amazing. Our unique formula is miraculous when it comes to relaxing knots and is also great after bath time. A wide-toothed comb is also a great tool. Start at the bottom of hair and work towards the scalp.


In your opinion, who has the best hair in Hollywood?
Jennifers Lopez and Aniston both have great hair. I think Demi Moore definitely deserves some recognition too. She is a beautiful and the fact that she is nearly 50 is amazing.


I like that David Beckham is so adventurous and has worn so many different styles. I have a grouping of different looks that he has tried over the years and have tried many of them on my son. It is fun to experiment with different cuts and also gives me a great opportunity to use different products from my line.


Time to play favorites! Which Hot Tot Product is your favorite?
While I love every product in the line, I must admit that Sweet Pea Serum is my favorite. It is unlike any other product on the market and was formulated specifically for infant’s fine and downy hair. It gives a timeless baby curl and makes tots smell amazing! When developing a signature scent, I was inspired by a Cabbage Patch Doll; it was my favorite “baby” smell as a child. Sweet Pea Serum is very gentle, and will actually absorb into the skin just like lotion. The formula has amazing moisturizing properties so it’s great for babies with dry scalp though it won’t leave hair sticky or greasy. I use it on the ends of my hair to keep them smooth, so it’s a part of my daily beauty regimen.


Sweet Pea Serum is the product I kept telling my husband someone should create, so here it is! Hot Tot was based upon this single idea. I am having such a great time in my new role and am grateful to have pursued something that felt so foreign. I am living proof that life can take you places you never expected. What a great adventure!



Doesn't Hot Tot sound like a business that is going to succeed because they have big heart (and great products too, of course!)? I love the idea of teaching at-risk girls how to run a small business! Please check out HotTot.com for more information on the company and to see all their great natural hair care products!
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