We asked our friend and fitness model, Emily Loftiss, to put together a simple and impactful workout to whip our winter bodies into summer shape. She sent us these 10 moves that are great for people at any fitness level.  The best part is you can do these exercises ANYWHERE.  No Gym required, so No Excuses allowed :)


Here are Emily's Tips for her work out:


"Everyone is on a different fitness level. I suggest doing 10 of each movement. Arms back - 20 reps and hold plank position for 30 seconds. If you can repeat this entire series one to two more times YOU ARE A ROCKSTAR!!!!! Just remember to listen to your body! GOOD LUCK!" - Emily Loftiss



Emily Loftiss is a TV Host and Image Consultant in NYC. Emily's blog is Loftiss Says where she discusses Fashion, Beauty Tips, Celebrity Events and Pop Culture. Please follow her on Twitter and Facebook. And as always "TAKE RISKS! THAT'S THE BEAUTY IN BEAUTY!"