Summer is full of fun times, big events and high temperatures! It's the perfect time to try some updo hairstyles on your little girls. With two girls in my house, we can hardly turn around without tripping over a hair accessory. (How do rubber bands end up in such random places?) And to keep them cool and looking cute for every occasion, I have a few easy updos we use all the time.



Girly Summer Updo: Pool Day
Swimming can really take a toll on little girls’ hair.  On top of the drying effects of chlorine, the tangles can be ruthless! Tight french braids are the perfect solution.  They last through all sorts of hijinks, even meeting a dolphin!



Girly Summer Updo: Backyard Party
A party is a great excuse to have fun with hair!! Add extras: fun hair clips, ribbons, feathers – the possibilities are endless! One of our favorite go-to party styles is to braid small sections of hair before pulling hair back into a ponytail or bun. It really ramps up an everyday style – and is easy, fun and sassy. (Or leave hair down with lots of little braids for an adorable boho look!)


Girly Summer Updo: Wedding Reception
What is more special than a wedding? It’s such a fun excuse for a little girl to be princess for a day! This adorable take on a classic French twist is easy enough for mom to handle, but fancy enough for a special occasion. By letting the ends of hair peek out the top of the twist and adding curls, you get a fun update on a normally ultra-formal up-do!







Girly Summer Updo: Dance Recital
Dance hair is tricky. Hair needs to stay out of her face, despite bouncing around on stage and costume changes, and often you need to work with hair accessories on top of it! One of our tricks for a smooth, tight bun is to put gel in her hair when it’s still wet and pull back into a bun. Plus lots of bobby pins and LOTS of hairspray!




By Melissa Angert of All Things Chic