Whether you're an office guy who needs to look put together on an everyday basis, or a creative type who dresses up because you simply enjoy it, the suit is a great place to start. Adding a patterned dress shirt, tie, or funky cuff links are great ways to express your own personal style. Get the basics down and then you can lose yourself in perfecting the details.






Let’s start with the suit. First and foremost, it is all about the fit. It doesn't matter what kind of suit you're investing in, whether its $100 or $1,000, it just needs to fit. We've seen plenty of guys who've bought the most expensive suit and let it hang off them, and we've seen men in cheap but well-tailored suits that look like a million bucks! Bottom line is, the suit must fit right, or else there is no point in wearing it.




             1. Kohl's     2. J.Crew   3. StyleSight  4. J.Crew  5. J.Crew


Once you find the perfect tailored suit, adding the accessories is a great way to express your own personal style. You can easily spice up a solid grey suit with all of the accessories they have to offer. Instead of pairing your suit with a solid dress shirt, play around with mixing patterns. Stripes and checks that are held together by the same basic color can work just fine together. Before going out and purchasing new pieces, experiment with what you have in your closet. You may be surprised with what works once you start exploring the possibilities!