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How to Wear White Jeans

by Remington Ready June 10, 2013

White jeans are a summer staple. They are a versatile item that every girl needs in her closet. White jeans can be easily dressed up for a night out, dressed down for days out in the sun, or used to put together a classy outfit for work. As we make our way into June, it is the perfect time to invest in a pair, or try to incorporate them into more outfits for these summer months!




Look 1 - Dressed up white jeans for a night out: Because of their simplicity, white jeans can become edgy enough for a night out easily. With the simple addition of a leather jacket, a pop of color, and heeled boots, they are instantly taken from a daytime item, to nighttime. If you like more of a preppy look, white jeans can be accessorized with pumps or open-toed heeled sandals for a night out.


Look 2 – Dressed up white jeans for the office: With a flared style, white jeans are perfect for a more casual summer day at the office. Paired with a bright blazer and pumps, this look is sophisticated and work appropriate, while still letting your personal style shine through. These flared pants could also be styled with a striped button up shirt for a more tailored look.



Look 3 – Dressed down white jeans for a summer day: When paired with a graphic tank top and flat sandals, white jeans are easily transitioned for a summer day. This outfit could be worn with ballet flats and a loose sweater for cooler summer days, too!


As you can see, white jeans can be worn in so many different ways this summer. Find a pair that flatters your body and challenge yourself to wear them in all kinds of ways!


Facial Hair as a Fashion Statement and The Bare Tree Giveaway!

by Bare Tree Apparel June 3, 2013



In a world where women have the ability change their look on a day to day basis with the addition of a necklace, the swap of some earrings and a wrist full of bangles, men, typically, aren’t so lucky. With the exception of those who can rock accessories and exude confidence that surely most women only dreamed of emanating, most men have very few options to work with. However, the blessing in disguise that offers the upper hand in male accessorizing is no other than the addition or man-scaping of facial hair.

Beards date all the way back to the caveman years and have remained to this day, a symbol of masculinity and power; the days of sharpening a knife and scraping away at stubble are long gone. From Five O’clock Shadows to Handlebars and the rugged Fu Manchu, all it takes is a split second for a man to completely change the way he looks. Beards are spectacular; that sucker will grow right back in the morning if the soul patch you tried out for the bars last night wasn’t doing the trick. And to all those clean shaven men out there, remember, the ladies love a little extra something to grab, and every man looks intelligent stroking a perfectly groomed patch of hair on his chin.


What guy doesn’t want to be that epic "guy with the Mario mustache" and what woman doesn’t want to know that guy? Ladies, all you need is an "I Like Your Beard" tank top, and those men will flock to you. Yes, the men will indeed flock but consider yourself warned, the man with his lunch declaring a new home in his beard should more than likely be left as the beard that got away.



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