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INTRODUCING Win It Wednesdays!

by Remington Ready December 30, 2011

Win it Wednesdays

There's nothing like a give away to get you through the week, so Remington Ready is starting off the New Year by saying THANK YOU to all of its amazing fans by offering you chance to WIN. Every Wednesday, Remington Ready is giving its Facebook fans a chance to win some awesome prizes. The first drawing is Wednesday, January 4, so check out the Official Rules and a click HERE to enter NOW!

How To Sparkle and Shine on New Year’s Eve

by Tammy Gibson December 30, 2011

Sparkle Into The New Year!

If New Year's Eve isn't a time to shine, then when is? Check out this year's hottest beauty and fashion tips that add extra sparkle and pizazz to your New Year's Eve look!


A little bling is required for NYE! Choose one statement piece like a chunky necklace, pretty clutch or hot heels to make your outfit extra special!
If you prefer to go with a dress or top with sequins and sparkle, keep everything else in your outfit simple otherwise you’ll shine brighter than the disco ball on the dance floor!
Glitter Up! Choose an eye shadow or cheek highlighter that has a beautiful sparkle to it! If you are over 25, thick glitter shadow is better given to a little sister but you can certainly find some makeup with an extra kick for bringing in the New Year!
Your smile is the best way to shine. Be sure to use an express teeth whitening product for the most impact in a short amount of time!
Slick on a high-shine gloss over your long-lasting lip color
Finally, pack along a mint so your NYE kiss creates sparks!



Happy New Year and may you SHINE in 2012!

Love & Hugs,

NY Eve Hairstyle: THE Classic Twist

by Lindsey Holder December 27, 2011

Audrey Hepburn

Flaunt a classic up do this New Year's Eve with a classic twist!



Beverly Waddell, owner of Salon Beverly & always in the know shares how to get this classic look in 3 easy steps!


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12 Days of Style Winners

by Remington Ready December 25, 2011

Congratulations to the 12 Days of Style Winners

Earlier this month we announced our 12 Days of Style Giveaway and have been thanking our Remington Ready Facebook fans by setting them up with a pretty amazing loot. Thank you to everyone for participating and a big congratulations to the winners below:


Dec 14: 12 Remington King of Shaves Azor 5 Razors

Priscilla Davis, Janice Stoner, Linda Kyriazi, Glenn Lowry, Stephanie Jones, Joann Thiessen, Michelle Galloway, Nina Sims, Jaydee Dusenberry, Hetal Gandhi, Katherine Kennerly, Kandance Palmer


Dec 15:  11 Grape Ash Brush Sets

Il Cange, Robbe Garsa, Stacie Gregg, Steve Risberg, Shauron Wyatt, Martia Keating, Lisa Bowen, Linda Herrin, Mia Everette, Earl Bolson, Mark Healey


Dec 16: 10 NE3150 Nose, Ear, & Brow Trimmers

David Heath, Debra Hanna, Beverly Mcintyre, Paula Pawlak, Shelia Korman, Sina Faust, Nikhil Pai, Kim Keithline, Stephanie Marios, Amy Shulkusky


Dec 17: 9 Style Ceramic Compact Hair Setters

Denise Dillon, Sandra Rose, Victoria Barton, Audrey Insco, Christine Barta, Stephanie Kako, Michael Fellows, Laura Moneo, Angela Vike


Dec 18: 8 PG165 Precision Grooming Systems

Elizabeth Nolte, Shay Burris, Kyle Dupree, Noelle Franklin, Lynne Fernandez, Pam Hansen, Lisa Gusmano, Linda Gilbert


Dec 19: 7 Textured Tools Red Flat Irons

Curtis Hodges, Melinda Toungette, Kim Shoemaker, Stephanie MacDonald, Ashley Dougherty, Yvette Cason, Rose Stonewall


Dec 20: 6 $10 Target Gift Cards

Teresa Nelson, Kay Zarrugh, Demetria Payton, Jerrilynn Atherton, Leanne Dupont, Jessica Rippee


Dec 21: 5 Fast Finish Hair Dryers

Robert Jackson, Lori Wilkinson, Samantha Piper, Doug Rennick, Sally Nichols


Dec 22: 4 F5790 Pivot & Flex Triple Foil Razors

Kristi Bernard, Martha Blanco, Chris Walker, Kimberly Mazzullo


Dec 23: 3 Pearl Large Styling Wands

Pam Kolnekker, Shannon Zuklich, Pamela Duke


Dec 24: 2 R8150 Rotary Shavers featuring Pivot & Flex Technology

Kelly Nicholson, Joe Hearn


Dec 25: 1 i-LIGHT Pro Intense Pulsed Light Hair Removal System

Rochelle Shawver



If you didn’t get your shot at the prizes this time, stay tuned. Remington Ready has an announcement on January 2nd that might be up your alley!

How To Have a Perfectly Stylish Casual Christmas

by Tammy Gibson December 23, 2011

Casual Christmas



Planning to stay home for Christmas this year?  Make the best of it, create some memories, cuddle by the fire and take some great pictures to preserve the memory! Dress casual and comfy with the same twist of personality you should be wearing every time you get dressed!  The key to a chic casual look for a stylish casual Christmas is a great sweater!  (And, I’m not speaking of a sweater with a reindeer on it!)

This Michael Kors Belted Cardigan is the perfect fashion solution to keep you warm and looking fabulous. Wear over jeans, leggings or a maxi dress! Be sure your top is simple and fitted so the sweater takes center stage!


Kate Spade knows how to make simple special! Get inspired by this Matigale Bow Sweater and wear a look that will make you feel as special as you are! I love the sweater paired with a skirt of simple lines but it will also look fabulous with your best jeans!


If you prefer a classic look, a structured cardigan is lovely.  Instead of neutral, go for a vibrant color that enhances your mood like this Olympic Blue Pointelle Argyle Pattern Cardigan!  You’ll really stand out in family photos!  


Love more of a boho chic vibe? Wear a poncho!  The asymmetric shape of this Heidi Poncho is interesting and pairs well with your favorite skinny jeans!  Add a long statement necklace, like that shown in the picture, to dress up the look.  *A poncho is not recommended if you are cooking!



Three more tips to help you look great for a casual Christmas celebration:

1. Once you decide on which sweater style to wear, make sure your bottom compliments the look.  If the sweater is more fitted, your bottom can be full like an aline skirt or flare jeans.  If your sweater is full then pair with skinny jeans, a pencil skirt or leggings.


2. Wear statement jewelry: choose a ring, necklace or earrings but only one piece needs to make a statement.


3. Wear shoes, not slippers (at least for the majority of the day!). You’ll feel more dressed with shoes (it is a special day, afterall!).  Skip the flats and go for heels, you’ll look fabulous! 


Merry, Stylish Christmas!


Love & Hugs,


Silver & Red Candy Cane Nails

by Lindsey Holder December 20, 2011

Candy Cane Nails


Originally on our Remington Red Chair HOT LINKS for Candy Cane Nails, I was inspired to find a different version using another festive Holiday color…our friend SILVER.



Dani Taylor from Salon Beverly created this DYI  Red & Silver Candy Cane manicure. Let your nails be the star at your upcoming Holiday party!


1} Apply two coats of OPI Radiance


2} Select one nail on each hand to be your CANDY CANE  nail! Do simple white stripes on that nail with a white Nail Art {can be picked up at any beauty supply store like Sally’s


3}On the Candy Cane nail, go back and fill in smaller stripes with a RED nail art. Apply with a clear top and …VOILA.


Holiday. Nail. Perfection.

Hot Tot: Organic and Natural Hair Care for Kids

by Tammy Gibson December 16, 2011

I was recently introduced to a new children's organic and natural hair care line called Hot Tot. I'm excited to introduce this company to you as I think they are already doing great things for children's hair and hearts! Here is an interview with Hot Tot founder, Megan Gage:


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10 Gift Ideas for the Beauty-Obsessed

by Kelly Glenn December 14, 2011

Holiday Beauty Gifts


It’s safe to say that the holiday season is definitely in the air. One of my favorite times of the year –besides summer, of course! Ya’ll know I’m not so big on fall, once Fashion Week is over I’m usually counting down the days until summer comes around but something about the holidays always lifts my spirits and I can’t help but get excited.

Silly confession: I totally bring out the Christmas tunes in, like, July. I’m that girl sitting in traffic (a not-so-rare occurrence in L.A) and belting it out to my hearts content to Christmas music. Only the classics for me of course, like Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra Britney and Hilary Duff. And Justin Bieber. I know.

As a total beauty-junkie and someone who tries out 100’s of beauty products every year, I decided to come up with a list of beauty gifts that any beauty-obsessed gal will totally love --no matter what your budget.


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Christmas gifts for your BFF $25 or less

by Lindsey Holder December 13, 2011

Fabulous Christmas finds for your friends can be grueling in itself. Finding the perfect gift $25 or less? A challenge I am up to!


Here are my FIVE Holiday gift recommends for your BFF this year!

FIVE Holiday gift recommends for your BFF


1} Nails Inc. London:  $25 (special Holiday price)
This 3 piece sparkly set includes silver, gold and purple tones. Glittery holiday nails are the ultimate accessory to any chic party outfit!


2}Frenchi Waffle Knit Infinity Scarf: $22
A box from Nordstrom will put a smile on any BFF when they are presented their gift! This chunky warm waffle knit scarf is available in rich seasonal colors of Rust Marsala, Black, Olive burnt, Blue Moroccan and Camel.


3}The Hunger Games book by Suzanne Collins $17.99
Nothing like a good book to connect with a friend about. My BFF would NOT stop talking about this book & has officially got me hooked! Talking about the characters, plot and upcoming movie (yay!) are ideal lunch convo. And plus, it’s reading….LOVE!


4}Skinnygirl White Cranberry Cocktail (21 Years or older): $13.99
Thank you Bethenny Frankel {link:} for allowing us to have a cocktail and still fit into our skinny jeans!  With 100 calories per 4 ounce serving, this makes THE perfect girlfriend gift! Super cute packaging that looks like a gift in itself!


5}Movie Tickets: $25
What better way to spend the afternoon than with a friend at the movies? Upcoming friend friendly flicks are New Year’s Eve (perfect Holiday timing!) Hunger Games (duh!) ( Snow White & the Huntsman (can’t WAIT!)




12 Days of Style!

by Remington Ready December 12, 2011

12 Days of Style Giveaway



Listen up all! Remington Ready is getting into the holiday spirit by giving away some amazing loot over the next 12 days. Drawing starts December 14th so enter TODAY for your chance to be one of to 78 lucky winners! 


Collage of Prizes


Prizes are:

Dec 14: 12 Remington King of Shaves Azor 5 Razors
Dec 15: 11 Grape Ash Brush Sets
Dec 16: 10 NE3150 Nose, Ear, & Brow Trimmers
Dec 17: 9 Style Ceramic Compact Hair Setters
Dec 18: 8 PG165 Precision Grooming Systems
Dec 19: 7 Textured Tools Red Flat Irons
Dec 20: 6 $10 Target Gift Cards
Dec 21: 5 Fast Finish Hair Dryers
Dec 22: 4 F5790 Pivot & Flex Triple Foil Razors
Dec 23: 3 Pearl Large Styling Wands
Dec 24: 2 R8150 Rotary Shavers featuring Pivot & Flex Technology
Dec 25: 1 i-LIGHT Pro Intense Pulsed Light Hair Removal System

Check out the Official Rules and click here to enter! Good luck :)