Makeup Maven Essie Cha

How to get Nina Dobrev’s make-up with Make-up Department Head Essie Cha

How does Nina Dobrev look so AH-MAZING each week on The Vampire Diaries?

Along with fabu hair, flawless MAKE-UP is Key. Who is to attribute for this artistry? Celebrity make-up artist Essie Cha.

Who, by the way…has the MOST beautiful complexion up close!

Essie’s tips On How Nina Dobrev rocks her character Katherine Pierce AND her doppleganger Elena Gilbert every week:

 Essie Cha's Top Make Up Choices

Good make-up starts with GREAT skin!


Essie’s top choice: Napoleon Perdis Primer

Essie’s choice for  Paul Wesley? Gerda Spillman’s Swiss cosmetics (Color: Cacao)


Skin care for Ian SomerHalder?  L’uvalla Natural .Organic. Fresh

Another TOP fav from Essie: Koh Gen Do foundation. Especially used for on-set make-up


Shadow of Essie’s choice:


Napoleon Perdis (Egypt color)


Bobby Brown eyeshadow: Champagne Color. For Katherine Pierce look - use in the crease of eyes


Want Elena Gilbert eyes? Use your brush in a DOWNward stroke


Want Katherine Pierce eyes? Use your brush in an UPward stroke


Thanks Essie! Now we can all look like HOT Vampires!