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The #1 Tip For Beautiful, Radiant Hair

by Remington Ready July 8, 2016

Want gorgeous hairstyles that last all day? So do we! And for that, there’s Thermaluxe™!

24/7 Lifestyle. 24-Hour Hairstyle.
We know you’re active and always on the run, and you want to depend on your hairstyle to keep up with you. That’s why we made Thermaluxe™. It lets you create styles that stay gorgeous through anything you do with your fast-paced lifestyle. So don’t let the fear of flat hair hold you back! Thermaluxe™ gives you all-day styles!

Advanced Thermal Technology
How does Thermaluxe create these beautiful, long-lasting styles? The secret is the optimized heating technology, which is unique to each of the styling tools. The innovative heat makes curling, straightening, and drying fast and hair-friendly.

Check out the Thermaluxe™ lineup to see what haircare tool can transform your style!

Faster and long lasting! The floating ceramic plates (1” and 2”) maintain even temperatures for fast straightening that lasts all day. And because it works 33% faster than standard Remington straighteners, your hair is exposed to less heat and stays looking awesome!
- 450°F Heat
- 10x More Ceramic than standard Remington straighteners
- 15-second Heat-Up

Curling Wands
Tapered heating is the secret to healthy, long-lasting curls. The ceramic barrel (½”-1” and 1”- 1½”) is hotter at the base to curl your thick roots while the tip of the barrel is cooler and gentle on your ends. The result is beautiful curls and waves that last all day!
- 410°F Heat
- Slip-Free Ceramic Barrel
- 30-Second Heat-Up

Hot spots are a problem with most dryers. So Thermaluxe™ fixed it. Even heating combines with ionic technology to dry hair quickly and help prevent annoying frizz. It even has three heat settings and two speeds so you can find the best drying for your hair.
- 50% faster drying than standard Remington dryers
- Ionic-Ceramic Technology
- Lightweight AC, Salon-Quality Motor
- Fabric, Tangle-Free Cord

Want quick curls? How does 5 minutes sound?! The patented Dual-Heating Technology heats hair from the inside with the roller and from the outside with the clip. Plus, the clips are specially designed to help prevent creases and deliver a secure hold.
- 5-Minute Curls
- Dual-Heating Technology
- 20 Rollers (12 large—1¼”, 8 medium—1”)
- Space-Saving Storage Design

Organizing Hair Tools & Accessories

by Remington Ready October 1, 2012

I am so excited to be stopping by this week from IHeart Organizing! As a gal, I am a huuuge fan of hair products. Hair dryer, curling iron, flat iron, oh my. Not to mention all of the super fabulous bobby pins, hair ties, flower clips and headbands that decorate my locks on a daily basis. Love it all. But what I don’t love, is that without any storage or systems in place, all of those hair goodies can quickly take over the entire bathroom. Jumbled cords and accessories strewn about the counter can happen in a flash and pretty soon I am left wondering where my toothbrush is. Not cool.


I have done a lot of inspiration searching and I am really excited to stop by today to share some of my favorite ways to keep all of those hair supplies under control, allowing the bathroom to remain nice and tidy happy place.


When it comes to hair supplies, utilizing the insides of drawers is one of the best ways to neatly tuck away those cords and supplies, yet also giving you quick and easy access.



{ 1 / 2 / 3 }


If you don’t have the luxury of built in drawer storage {and it would be a total luxury}, then another great option is to utilize the inside of a cabinet door.  



{ 1 / 2 }


Many online organizing sites carry over the door organizers, which make a solid solution to wrangling countertop clutter.  






No drawer or cabinet space? How about an organizer that neatly hooks onto a towel bar?






Or sits on the counter/vanity top?






If you have the DIY gene, or know someone that does, a few PVC pipes cut to size is a quick, easy and inexpensive solution to corralling those hair care items.






And if you a really ambitious and want to move up on the DIY scale, how incredible is this storage bench/towel holder option? It gives me happy butterflies!






So many great ideas! But what about those itty bits; hair ties, bobby pins and clips?


I personally love to use small dishes found at thrift stores to wrangle the different sized hair accessories:





And since I am always a fan a using everyday items from around the home for organizing, how about a muffin pan?






Or a pretty paper covered tin container or a photo frame adorned with ribbon?




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Of course, there are great items available on the market for purchase as well, acrylic is always a great way to go since you can always get a quick visual of the contents.






Or how about some magnetic spice tins, which can be placed within a medicine cabinet!  Simply charming yet practical!






Speaking of magnets, did you know they actually make magnetic bobby pin holders? Never loose those itty bitties again, so fabulous!







I am over the moon for the new Remington organizing products! Drawer dividers to keep everything separate and simple to find, and a wall mount storage board which is the perfect solution to display and store hundreds or accessories in one place!  



 { 1 / 2 }


Whether you love to DIY, thrift or shop, there are a variety of great solutions to wrangle and conceal your favorite hair care items! Say goodbye to countertop clutter and hello to delightful mornings!


Happy organizing!