DIY Pedicure


It’s summertime ladies, and you know what that means: it’s time to get our twinkle toes in tip top shape!

Now I know not everyone has the time (or money) to spend on a luxury spa pedicure, especially with all those beach picnics, concerts in the park and backyard barbecues you have scheduled this season. So I put together some of my favorite tips for the ultimate spa soft feet at home, all you need is a few essentials and you’re ready to rock those sleek summer sandals.

What you’ll need: cuticle remover, two plastic shopping bags, a pair of thick socks, a good foot file, moisturizer, cotton swabs, nail polish remover and a bright fun nail polish.



Here’s how to do it:



1. Start by soaking your feet in a soapy warm bath, you don’t need one of those fancy foot baths.. any container big enough to soak your feet with warm soapy water will be fine.

2. Once your feet have soaked for ~5 minutes and have softened a little, take some cuticle remover (I love Blue Cross) and apply it to your feet concentrating on any rough areas like the heels and outer part of your feet. The cuticle remover works to soften calluses making them super easy to remove.

3. Next cover your feet in plastic bags and slip on some thick socks and let the cuticle remover soak in.

4. After a good 5-10 minutes remove the socks and bags from your feet and rinse.

5. Then take a good quality foot file and file away the rough parts, don’t bother with the PedEgg or pumice stones.. you want to invest in something that gets the job done well. My favorite file is by DannyCo. You can find these at beauty supply stores like Sallys or Ulta. *Be careful not to file away too much, your feet do need some roughness to support those super high stilettos.

6. Next rinse your feet and apply a good quality foot moisturizer. I prefer one that is meant for feet as they seem to be a lot thicker and really sink in nicely, whereas some moisturizers merely stay at the surface. For a nice pick-me-up for tired feet, try one with peppermint. I love Gehwol’s foot balms, they’re the best I’ve found. Then put on some thick socks again to let the moisturizer really sink in.

7. After ~5 minutes remove the socks and take a cotton swab soaked in remover and go over your toenails to remove any oil or moisturizer left behind, which can prevent nail polish from sticking properly.

8. Lastly, apply your polish. Be sure to start off with a good base coat which will help your polish last longer and prevent toe nails from yellowing. Apply 2 coats of your bright summer color and a top coat and your fab feet are ready for some summer fun!