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Thermaluxe™ Dryer

by Remington Ready August 9, 2016


Had enough of frizzy, dried out hair?

It’s time for Thermaluxe!

The Thermaluxe Hair Dryer optimizes heat levels to dry hair quickly without damaging it. The hair-saving heat protection comes from the ceramic-coated grill, which releases tons of negative ions during drying to prevent heat damage and reduce frizz. You’ll love the range of speeds and heat settings that let you find the perfect performance for your hair type. Plus, Thermaluxe reduces styling times with a powerful airflow that dries hair 50% faster than standard Remington dryers. Here’s what else you’ll get with the Thermaluxe Hair Dryer: concentrator and diffuser attachments, cool shot button, tangle-free fabric cord, removable filter, and a 4-year limited warranty.

Stop drying out your hair and start safely drying it with the Thermaluxe Hair Dryer! It’s the perfect styling tool for creating all-day hairstyles that keep up with your nonstop lifestyle.



Coachella Inspired Hairstyle

by Alex Gaboury April 22, 2016


Hi my name is Alex, (just Alex, my parents kept it short and sweet) and I have a channel here on Youtube where I share my love for hair, beauty, and my pup named Sophie. Since festival season is amongst us I thought I would share with you a simple Coachella inspired braided hairstyle that can be easily personalized to reflect your style with fun hair accessories. Now this hairstyle would not be possible without the help of my Wet2Dry straightener which has easily become one of my favourite hot tools for my hair. I would love to hear which hair accessory was your favourite, or even better, if you will be attending any festivals this year, let me know in the comments below.
xo Alex



See more from Alex on her Youtube Channel


Learn more about the Wet2Straight Straightener

#GlamBlowOut Tutorial

by Kim December 11, 2015


Hello everyone and welcome!

I am introducing my self to you all as Remington's Guest Blogger, Kimberly from the youtube channel, Kimkreations P. This look features the Glamorous Me #GlamBlowOut hairstyle, a vibrant red lip and a classic winged liner that will suit everyone! It's definitely what I like to consider a staple look for any occasion whether it be festive or even casual! Hope you enjoy and have fun recreating this look! Happy Holidays! xoxo



Learn more about the T|Studio Silk Dryer


Our Favorite Products for Dry, Damaged Hair

by Remington Ready February 3, 2015


Your hair needs some kick-butt products to protect against the heat of styling tools and any damage the extreme winter weather can cause. But what products will give your hair the help it needs? We went around the Remington offices asking women about their favorite products for damaged hair and they are thrilled to share some of their beauty secrets with you. So check out their recommendations to see if you can find some new products your hair will love!



Aveda Invati Shampoo and Conditioner

“LOVE the Aveda Invati Shampoo/Conditioner---makes my hair feel so much fuller/thicker and healthier” –Sunny



Davines Oi Oil

"I am OBSESSED with Oi oil from Davines. It doesn't have any extra additives so you don't need to use as much (2 pumps). The oil helps tame flyaways, and prevents split ends when straightening without weighing down my fine hair.” –Amanda 



Tresemme Keratin 7-Day Regimen Set

“I don’t always have the healthiest hair. It’s naturally curly, and I straighten it every day so it needs all the help it can get….so I don’t end up bald. This stuff works great for me!” -Stephanie



It's a 10! Leave-in Conditioner

“It’s a 10! Leave-in conditioner instantly smooths flyaways and prevents static throughout the day. And a little bit goes a really long way so a bottle lasts a long time!” -Devon



Davines Love Shampoo and Conditioner

“I am loving the Davines Love Shampoo and Conditioner – the two together seem to eliminate frizz, while adding shine and volume to my hair!” -Ashley


6 Tricks To Having Beautiful Hair

by Marta Tryshak January 14, 2013


Hair is typically one of the most remarkable features of any beautiful woman. And while it’s easy to believe models “are just born that way”, the reality is having beautiful hair is more science than art. There are many tricks every woman can use to have beautiful hair of her own, and to receive insights from a top professional I asked Master Colorist Rob Pizzuti for some of his “tricks to having beautiful hair”:


Trick #1 - WASH YOUR HAIR LESS. The best plan is to wash your hair only every 3rd day. The day after washing, just brush smooth and only blow dry what you must. And on the 2nd day brush thoroughly, and create a low ponytail or bun with your natural oils.


Trick #2 - If your hair is dirty, and you have a last minute party invitation or hot date – think braids! Braids look neater and more defined when your hair is a bit dirty (or if you use lots of product). And if you read fashion mags, braids are very stylish… and this is a great reason to save your hair from washing again and stripping it’s moisture. For a few braid style ideas, check out a video I recently collaborated with Dove Hair Care on “How to Tie a Boho-Braid”.  


Trick #3 – With dry winter weather outside, and the heat turned up inside… deep moisturizing weekly treatments can be used EVERY time you wash. Start at the ends and stop at your eyebrow level so you still have volume.


Trick #4 - There are LOTS of “oils” on the market. Forget about the directions and think about this – oil and water do not mix. So, always apply a small amount of oil to your damp hair, not dry hair. This will lock in the water inside your hair and protect it better. Also, remember that oil will burn if it gets too hot, so turn down your hot tools!


Trick #5 - When you get your hair coloured ask about sealers, glosses or clear treatments. Usually 10-20 min and costing $20-$45, these treatments lock in your colour, moisture and seal all the tiny cracks on the outside layer of your hair. When done by a professional, the difference in hair quality and shine can be remarkable.


Trick #6 - Put a intensive mask in your hair before you do hot yoga or have a sauna at the gym after you work out. The heat will push the conditioner deeper into your hair for extreme results.



Thanks for the terrific advice Rob Pizzuti. Curious to hear from everyone, what are some of your favorite tricks for having beautiful hair?



To hear more from Marta, head over to her blog WithLoveGabrielle



How to Protect Nails, Hair & Skin from Winter Dry Out

by Beth Hamilton December 3, 2012

While San Francisco doesn’t get the coldest of cold winters, we definitely had a temperature drop around mid November that called for a beauty regime change. This year, one day it was 80 degrees, and the next it was 50. Brrr. The cooler, dryer temperatures call for a switch to thicker lotions and creams and a careful exfoliation of that dry, flakey skin. Here are a few of my favorite winter products to protect your nails, hair and skin:



1. Bliss 24-'Heaven' High Intensity Healing Balm

This powerful body butter is all you need to cure dry hands, feet, legs, elbows, knees, and everything in between. It is super thick and luxurious, sure to banish your winter blues. I slather it on my feet and hands before bed and wake to soft, subtle skin. The secret is that it not only has strong moisturizers like oatmeal, shea and cocoa butter, but it also has lactic acid, to help exfoliate and slough off those dead, dry skin cells. Bliss 24-'heaven' high intensity healing balm is available at Sephora,, Bliss Spas and on for $35 for 8 oz.


2. Davines MOMO Shampoo and Conditioner

This pair of Davines’ MOMO shampoo and conditioner is sure to banish any dry, brittle locks you might experience during the winter months. I love this Italian line of hair products and dyes because they are not only natural but aimed at performance, not just being earth friendly. Davines’ moisture-rich MOMO shampoo and conditioner contain natural ingredients to restore the depleted elements dry hair needs. The shampoo contains vitamins C, B, and PP to protect hair, sweet almond proteins to hydrate and restore body, and olive ampho acetate to non-aggressively clean, leaving it soft and silky. The MOMO Conditioner contains milk thistle oil, panthenol and jojoba oil to moisturize, soften and add shine without weighing down your hair. MOMO is available at fine salons or on for $24 for 250ml  for the shampoo and $10 for 75ml for the conditioner.


3. l’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream

One of the first signs of winter for me is using lots and lots of hand cream. I find come mid November, my consumption of the stuff goes up two or three fold. The hand cream I continue to buy over and over again is l’Occitane’s original Shea Butter Hand Cream. It is my standby, no matter how many new and fancy hand creams I try. I love the size of the tube, since it fits easily into a small or large purse. But just because it is small, doesn’t mean it doesn’t last, a little of this rick cream goes a long way to soften my hands and cuticles. I am always tempted by the variety of scents l’Occitane releases each year in their hand cream collection, but I always end of preferring the original shea butter formula. It smells hardly at all, so your cubicle mate won’t be offended, and it seems to be the thickest and longest lasting of the bunch. You can buy l’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream at your local L’Occitane or Sephora store or online at or It is $10 for 1 oz.


4. Lumene Sensitive Touch Instant Relief Serum

If you are like me, colder weather brings irritated skin. No one looks good with a red blotchy face, often due to constant temperature changes (inside warm, outside brrrr) and dryness. Lumene’s Sensitive Touch Instant Relief Serum is my answer. I use this serum every morning, after I wash my face and before I put on a moisturizer (with sunscreen of course… even in the winter you can’t forget your SPF!). It calms any irritation my face might be experiencing and feels gentle and soothing in the process. No to mention this serum is free from alcohol, colourants, perfumes, parabens, paraffins and silicones. You can find Lumene Sensitive Touch Instant Relief Serum at your local drugstore or on for about $19.99 for 1 floz.


5. Algenist Triple-Action Micropolish & Peel

With all the dry skin you experience in the winter, moisturizing isn’t the only answer. You must exfoliate! This microdermabrasion peel by Algenist contains a 10 percent acid duo - patent-pending alguronic acid and glycolic acid.  That, in combination with a 10 percent fruit enzyme complex and micro polishing crystals helps to transform your skin from dull winter to bright and clear. The formula exfoliates and resurfaces, improving texture and tone for smoother, brighter, more radiant skin. I think I’ve found my favorite exfoliator in this tube. It is so powerful, and yet doesn’t irritate my skin at all. I use it in the shower twice a week or so and am thrilled with the result. Algenist Triple-Action Micropolish & Peel is available at Sephora and on for $75 for 2 oz.


Well, there you have it. A few products to keep your winter skin from drying and dulling-out. Stay vigilant and you’ll last through till spring, I promise you.


Winter Lovely!

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