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Men’s Guide To Summer Style

by RemReadyMan July 14, 2014


A trip to the beach. A day on the boat. Two things that make you excited to relax and happy to do nothing at all but watch the day pass you by. We hope your time is filled with opportunities to enjoy the peaceful warmth of the summer sun. Check out these essentials for looking stylish and staying comfortable all summer long. 



Sunglasses: Oakley & Ray-Ban  Fedora: Zara  Hat: Express  Watch: Armitron


Protection from the sun is important anytime you go outside. Make sure to have a pair of sunglasses to shield your eyes and a hat to guard the rest of your face. Choose the styles that fit you best!
Another good accessory to have is a waterproof watch. You’ll want to keep your cell phone safely put away while at the beach or lake, so wear a trusty watch to keep track of the time and make it back for your evening plans.




Shoes:  Birkentstocks, HaviannaPatagonia 



Foot protection is key. Wear the right shoes for each occasion, with stylish flip flops for casual settings or sturdier water shoes when you’re active at the beach.



 Striped Tank: Forever 21 Hawaiian Shirt: Oldnavy  Blue T-Shirt: Oldnavy Red T-Shirt: Target



Staying cool in the summer heat is your main objective. Stick with shirts made of breathable cotton that will wick away sweat and allow an occasional breeze to blow through and cool you down. Tank tops are popular when the weather warms up and there are all sorts of fun patterns and designs to show off your unique style.




Floral Print: Scoop  Solid Grey: Nike (via Kohl's)  Solid Red: Forever 21 Soild Turqoise: Style Bop


Swim Trunks:

All swim wear is not created equal. For a casual day on the boat, go with a floral pattern or brightly colored trunk to keep pace with a nicer shirt and hat. If you’re having a more active day in the water, shoot for athletic fit trunks that will stay comfortable even when wet.

Meet Our Newest #BeardBoss

by RemReadyMan July 2, 2014


Name: Eric Zatchok

Alias: "Beast"

Club: Beards of the Old Northwest

Currently Sporting: Full Beard Natural, Full Beard Freestyle

Titles: President, Beards of the Old Northwest - Cleveland Chapter


Age of Beard: 2 years

Reason to Beard: I enjoy wearing a beard because it's how man was intended to look. I truly feel like myself with a beard.

On Being a Boss: Being a Beard Boss requires a great deal of responsibility to always make sure your facial hair looks its absolute best. As a representative of facial hair culture, I've traveled to competitions and charity events throughout the Midwest and Eastern US to help make a difference in local communities and help change the perception and stigma that beards and mustaches have carried for years for the better.

Are You a #BeardBoss?

by RemReadyMan June 1, 2014



Got what it takes to be a Beard Boss? Show us by posting your mustache or beard with #BeardBoss to Instagram or Twitter and you and a friend could win a trip to Portland, Oregon for the World Beard & Moustache Championships!

Every Friday from now until June 13th through August 29th, 2014 Remington will select a weekly winner to receive an exclusive Beard Boss Prize.

The 12 weekly winners qualify as finalists in the running to win the Grand Prize: A trip for two to the World Beard & Moustache Championship in Portland, Oregon on October 25, 2014.

The community will vote for the winner from September 1st through September 15th, 2014.

Go to to view entries and for more information. 


Good Luck!!


Get a Smoother Electric Shave with Shave Gel

by RemReadyMan May 19, 2014

There’s nothing like a nice, clean shave. And Remington offers that in every way.


But, were you aware that Remington also offers a series that lets you lather up, moisturize, and enjoy your shaving experience, even within your shower?


It’s easy to make that a quick part of your daily routine.


The Remington HYPERFLEX™ Shavers can be used in or out of the shower with shaving gel.


Your face loves the shower. The steam and hot water open pores to willingly give up any hair you want shaved. And when you go with gel, a quick shave will leave your face smooth and supple for the rest of the day.


The nourishing moisturizers give you a close, smooth cut and leave your face hydrated and happy. Gel cuts down on damage and irritation, making you look as good as you feel.


Do the best thing for your skin and your schedule. A quick gel shave in the shower is your path to a smoother face.


This is why we  teamed up with Aveeno to give you a FREE AVEENO® Men’s® Shave Gel inside select Remington® HYPERFLEX® shavers.  This perfect pair is available exclusively at Target stores.

Love your face. Do something about it. Shave with gel.



Pictured above above: Remington XR1330

Your Style Guide to Men's Loafers

by RemReadyMan April 3, 2014

Loafers are back! These preppy shoes have always been a fashion statement, but there's no better time to break out them out than in the spring and summer. Due to the extreme versatility of loafers, you can wear them for just about any and every look you are trying to achieve. You just can’t go wrong!



When you are dressing to impress, the classic leather loafer is the way to go. With all different styles and colors, a leather loafer will always be a go-to when you are in need of finishing off a dressy look. Traditionally, loafers are strictly casual, but they are now taking on a dressier silhouette that makes them work well with any suit. 




Comfort :
Who doesn’t buy their shoes based on comfort?  The more causal and comfortable loafers are, the better. Slip them on with any outfit, and out the door you go. They can be worn with multiple types of outfits, which will make spending a little more cash on one pair of shoes completely worth it.




Edgy :
Feeling daring? Step away from the everyday loafer, and add some pizzazz. Some men feel they need to wear a neutral or basic print shoe at all times. Although, there is nothing wrong with that, it never hurts to throw a little print in the mix every once in a while.



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Get Suited Up For Spring with The Lastest Men's Suit Trends

by RemReadyMan March 7, 2014

Whether you're an office guy who needs to look put together on an everyday basis, or a creative type who dresses up because you simply enjoy it, the suit is a great place to start. Adding a patterned dress shirt, tie, or funky cuff links are great ways to express your own personal style. Get the basics down and then you can lose yourself in perfecting the details.






Let’s start with the suit. First and foremost, it is all about the fit. It doesn't matter what kind of suit you're investing in, whether its $100 or $1,000, it just needs to fit. We've seen plenty of guys who've bought the most expensive suit and let it hang off them, and we've seen men in cheap but well-tailored suits that look like a million bucks! Bottom line is, the suit must fit right, or else there is no point in wearing it.




             1. Kohl's     2. J.Crew   3. StyleSight  4. J.Crew  5. J.Crew


Once you find the perfect tailored suit, adding the accessories is a great way to express your own personal style. You can easily spice up a solid grey suit with all of the accessories they have to offer. Instead of pairing your suit with a solid dress shirt, play around with mixing patterns. Stripes and checks that are held together by the same basic color can work just fine together. Before going out and purchasing new pieces, experiment with what you have in your closet. You may be surprised with what works once you start exploring the possibilities!





Lithium Power Series

by RemReadyMan January 27, 2014

Introducing the NEW Lithium Power Series. Remington's unique lithium batteries are long-lasting and drive more energy to the motor for maximum power and advanced precision.  Watch the video to see what sets lithium batteries apart, and follow this link to view the full line of Remington lithium powered shavers and trimmers.






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Buying Your Father a Holiday Gift

by RemReadyMan December 16, 2013


Fathers are impossible. That is not an exaggeration and it’s not hyperbolic, it’s simply a fact. 


Your father will not wear that scarf that you thought went well with the coat that he refuses to stop wearing; your father does not like that microbrew, or any microbrew for that matter, he likes something else; your father will not like those gloves that you looked at and thought would make for sturdy shoveling gear; he will not use that drill bit for some reason; he will not wear that hat under any circumstance; he does not want whatever that doohickey is.  


Your father will not like that putter, regardless of your accompanying magazine article included in the card that refers to it as, “The Putting Revolution.” He will not put it in his golf bag. He hates that putter and likes the one he’s been using for the last seven years just fine, thank you very much. 


Here’s how you buy your father a gift: think of something he loved once and then kind of forgot about or no longer has time to enjoy. When he was a younger, what did he love? Did he love Corvettes? Did he love sailing? Did he love golden retrievers? Did he love the circus? Did he love aviation? Did he love Tommy James and the Shondells (“Crimson and Clover”)? Did he love stamps that featured Dwight D. Eisenhower? 


This isn’t saying buy him a sports car, a boat, a dog, or the rarest-available stamp involving former US President Dwight D. Eisenhower. It’s to say that a gift that acts to remind him of the things he loved when he was younger is thoughtful, and more importantly, thought provoking. Dads like to be reminded of things such as this. Think about that and you will not come up empty-handed. 


And then pair it, with THIS REMINGTON SHAVER. Because, in my experience, if fathers love anything, it’s a modern, powerful shaver that can replace the one they’ve been using for seven years. 


This shaver will be put in the golf bag. 

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How to Get the Best Shave with Hyper Series Rotary Shavers

by RemReadyMan November 20, 2013

Remington is committed not only to providing you with the superior product, but also the superior techniques to employ when using them.



Check out Remington’s newest shaving guide for the our premium XR HyperSeries:  



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Groom Your Movember Mustache Masterfully

by RemReadyMan November 18, 2013

This Movember, Remington has teamed up with expert stylist Chris Appleton and created a brand new video showing you how to groom your Movember mustache, guaranteeing you raise awareness of men’s health issues with style. 




And don’t forget to join Remington’s Movember mustache contest. This year, your mustache will not only help raise awareness, but it could win you up to $250!