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Prom Perfection

by Kelley Krueger March 26, 2012

Prom is near and the search for the perfect dress and updo begins! To help with the search, we’ve enlisted hair diva extraordinaire, Kelley Krueger, to show us how to create two great looks. Kelley is a hair stylist for the Bellezza Salon at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles and has worked with celebrity clients including Debra Messing, Daisy Fuentes, Kelly Osbourne, and Brook Shields.


Be a Braided Beauty


1. Start by parting your hair and tease the top of the back of your head.


2. Take a 1 inch thick section of hair and begin braiding. You can do a french braid OR if that is too difficult a regular braid works well.


3. Bobby pin the braid at a downward slant towards the back of your head. Make sure it is long enough that it would reach a ponytail.


4. Give yourself a ponytail. High or low. Both work. Be sure to apply spray shine and hairspray for a sleek finished look


5. Take the whole ponytail and wrap around your hair around its base. It's ok of hair falls out - remember you can always pin any loose ends.


6. Pin away! Be sure to use Bobbi Pins that match your hair color :)


Or Sleek and Sensual


1. First part your hair in desired area ...


2. Then take 1 inch thick sections of hair and wrap it around your curling wand. Typically curl in a backward motion away from the head.


3. Brush all curl out with a soft bristle brush.


4. Gather hair and spray. This look is ideal for shorter hair but looks beautiful with any length.


For each of the looks I used a mirror, elastic hair band, bobby pins (preferably ones that match your hair color), Remington TStudio Pearl Ceramic Styling Wand, and a soft bristle brush.


Happy styling :)


Benefits of Sleep

by Kelley Krueger January 9, 2012



Ok y'all .. I've now discovered the true meaning of sleep and why we need it! Without sleep I'm pretty much useless. It makes for a better day, it makes our skin glow, it inspires us to look our best, and it's pretty much the core of everything beauty.


Being sleep deprived is a depressing look. Not cute at all. You can't hide it. Eye bags cannot be missed. But how do full time working moms do it and still look fab?! Is there a secret potion to all this? My secret...20 minute naps here and there. Sleep when baby sleeps. It really works.


I refuse to let my beauty regime go. It's not me. I love to wake up refreshed get ready and head out to my day. Being comfortable and feeling "you" makes a world of a difference. Nothing should stand in the way of that.


Though, there are many people I know who never sleep and look fab. Or is that a big fat lie?! staying young the only way to look fresh 24-7?! I look at Cindy Crawford and just wonder. That woman is drop dead gorgeous. Someone please tell me how super models always look perfect! To end on a good note get sleep people - that's my trick!